Easy Tattoo Patterns For Beginners


Easy Tattoo Patterns For Beginners

Flash tattoos may be the trendiest thing right now but the charm of a real tattoo never fades! Our Wise She beauties Ira, Madhubani and Zara all have tattoos. Even they were a little skeptical before getting them but they are really happy with their respective inks now. If you are also toying with the idea of getting a tattoo, you can start with simple patterns. You can get them elaborated later or get new tattoos once you decide that you are happy with your tattoo. Pick something from these Easy Tattoo Patterns For Beginners-

Foodie Tattoos

easy tattoo patterns

So dear, if you are a foodie, what can be better than a food tattoo. Show your fav food some extra love and get it tattooed on your body. Whenever you feel hungry, take a look at the tattoo to feel full 😛

Animal Tattoos

easy tattoo designs

Just like food, you can get a tattoo of your favorite animal as well. If you are a cat lover, a cat tattoo should be on top of your list. Cute baby animals or grown ups, its your choice.

Quirky Tattoos

simple beginner tattoos

Go back to your childhood with this ‘aeroplane’ tattoo! How we loved making little airplanes with paper and fly them everywhere be it our classrooms or playground. This is perfect for someone who is a kid at heart and wants to fly high.

Word Tattoos

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It can be a word or a phrase that you love! There is no rule that the words in your tattoo have to be inspirational. It can be anything you believe. You can tattoo your own name as we love ourselves like that.

Heart Tattoos

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These symbol of love are fit for people who believe in it. Heart tattoos are quite common but still look good. There are innumerable ways that you can get a heart designed on yourself. If you are too daring, think about tattooing the real picture of a heart.

Anklet Tattoos

beginnertattoo patterns

These tattoos look delicate and feminine especially if you choose a dainty pattern. You can get tattooed an anklet or a quote or any other design on your feet.

Flower Tattoos

beginner tattoo designs

Pretty flowers are love and getting inked with them can be great. Try simple flowers that we made as kids or an elaborate pattern. Flowers look good in any way so its totally your call what you want.

Mermaid Tattoos

simple tattoo patterns

Mermaid tattoos are usually really intricate but this one is simple. Mermaids live in a fantasy land and we all love to imagine life of these mythical creatures. Give fins to your spirit and try this beautiful pattern.

Have you got a tattoo on your body?

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