Easy Tips To Increase Hair Growth Rate

Well if you recently had an bad haircut and only option left with you is to grow them back then below mentioned tips can help you out.
*Our hair are basically protein and therefore eating diet which is rich in protein helps in increasing the faster hair growth .Protein also makes our hair strong.
*Take vitamin A and B tablets .Eating vitamins promotes hair growth and improve the over all health of the hair too.
*Keep yourself away from stress and massage your hair daily .Massaging the hair with oils such as jajoba or almond helps in improving hair growth.
*It is important to sleep for 7-8 hours every day for healthy growth of hair and skin rejuvenation too.
*Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
To know the herbal remedies to fasten the process of hair growth click:> here.
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  1. I badly want my hair to grow! Think I have to eat more protein but unfortunately I really don't like protein products:((meat, fish, nuts..)

  2. My hair is weird. The back part grows fast, but the front (crown) part grows very slowly :S I need to take lots of vitamins n protein, and massage too!♥xx♥

  3. I eat lot of protein but I am quite lethargic in massaging…but nowadays i am doing that too religiously:)Thanks for commentingHave a nice day ahead:)

  4. my problem is that have very less hair on my crown area .i want thicker and strong hair.plz help me ……………………….ana noor

  5. Apply aloe vera gel it will help you ..to read and know more read this posthttps://www.wiseshe.com/2010/07/how-to-juice-aloe-vera-leaf-to-apply-it.html


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