Easy Tricks To Curl Your Hair


Easy Tricks To Curl Your Hair

Grass is always greener on the other side is not just an idiom. We face it every day when we see someone with curly hair and we look at our straight hair, or may be vice-versa.

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I am sharing some quick tips with you that would help you have curly hair in no time and you can now feel how it feels to have curly hair. And that too without using heat!! Interested? Read on!

Swirly curls

swirly curl hairstyle

Make a high pony tail and use a hair tie to secure it properly. Now bring your hair in your pony tail to the front side on your face. Now split your hair into sections, depending on your hair length and place the curler or the rod and curl them like swirls. This would take only about 5-10 minutes of your time and you would have one of the best curls that people envy. You can have these curls anytime you want.

Light Waves

light loose waves

Ensure your hair is clean and shampooed before you try this trick. Now, wet your hair with water using a sprinkler or bottle. Now brush your hair to remove every single tangle that may be there. Next part your hair into two sections and twist each section tight. Now form side buns from the two twisted sections and leave them to dry overnight. Next morning, you would find yourselves with wavy hair!! Isn’t it a shortcut and easy way?

Vintage Waves

vintage wave hairstyle

For this type of hair, again ensure your hair is clean. If not you may try this method immediately after you have shampooed your hair. Firstly dry your hair a bit using a towel so that water is not dripping off. Now use a hair band that could cover your hair entirely into a cobweb hairstyle. Take all your hair into it and make different sections of your hair and put each section around the headband using pins. It’s time now to leave your hair in this headband until they dry completely. After they are dried, simply remove the pins and the headband and loosen your hair to find curls in your hair. Spray a little bit of mousse or hair spray to make them stay longer in place.

Natural Waves

natural wave hairstyle

This is the most common method to get curly hair. Wet your hair, wash and condition them if not done, then comb them to remove the tangles. After they are pat dried, make sleek tighter braids making several sections of your hair. In case you are looking for loose waves, make only two sections and two braids, if not, and you want African style waves, make several sections and braid your hair tightly. Now let your hair dry may be overnight if you are trying this during the night time or if during the day. After they are dry, just remove the braids and using your fingers loose the hair for naturally beautiful waves.

Tight waves

tight wave hairstyle

This is another method which might leave you astonished for the curls it results into. We all have discarded t-shirts with us. We can use this t-shirt to curl up our hair. See how!

Just take your old t-shirt and make strips of bigger length cutting it from the neck to the hem. Make enough strips that cover smaller sections of your hair like we make while using rollers. Now after you wash and shampoo your hair, without using a conditioner or leave-in serum, just make sections of your hair. Place strip under one section of hair and roll it up towards the roots with the hair and then tie it where you want the curls to begin. If you only want curls at the bottom, leave the hair half way and tie the shirt strip. If you want full curls, take the strip up to your head and tie it there on your head. Do it for all the sections and leave it to dry. Once its all dry, open the strings and find yourself into a new avatar!

These are all home-based methods to curl your hair. I hope you like them!

Have you tried any of these curly hairstyles before?

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