Easy Tricks to make your face look thinner with the help of make up

My face is round and though I have lost quite a bit of weight from my face during my weight loss journey but still roundness exist. I am happy about it and this is because I know when I will start aging my cheeks will start losing some of its plumpness which will not make me look too old.
Women in their 40s try to make their cheeks look plump so that they look younger.
If you have noticed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan nowadays her cheek bones have become really plump and I think it is because of surgery or some treatment which she has taken.

                                     This high cheek bone is make up or surgery ??

Let me not deviate from the topic and tell you the trick by which you can make your face look thinner with blush .

If you apply blush correctly then your face can look incredibly thinner and naturally beautiful too.Trick which I learnt and worked really well is as follows

Step1-Use a concealer and then apply foundation or a base cream to cover imperfection and even out your skin tone.
Step2-Apply a fairly lighter shade of blush in circular motion onto the apples of your cheek bones.
Step3-After applying the lighter shade sweep out a deeper shade of blush following the line of your cheek bones towards your temples.
Step4-Blends the shade gently which will create a impression of high cheek bones.
This way your face looks thin but cheek bones look nice and fuller . Make sure you don’t overdo the trick as it might appear pretty unnatural or fake.
Jennifer lopez makeup artist gave another trick which is as follows
“Get an eye shadow a shade or two darker than your skin tone and a powder brush. Feather your brush UNDER your cheekbones and along the underside of your jawline. Use a highlighter or illuminator such as L’oreal bare naturale all over mineral glow in powder form, or an illuminator by Neutrogena in liquid form and put it on the most prominent part of your cheekbone.”
Do you have any trick which makes your face appear thinner?

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  1. I too like to play with blushes and eye shadow a lot..Though I have come to know about make up art since a year only.:)

  2. Hey Buddy!!!I followed these points.You can visit the post herehttps://www.wiseshe.com/2010/05/eight-tips-to-lose-weight-and-have.html


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