Easy Up-Do Hairstyles For Short Hair


Easy Up-Do Hairstyles For Short Hair

Short hair and thinking about up do’s? It is nothing to laugh about as it is possible. I am sure you have heard about increasing your hair length or may be your hair not being sufficient enough for making those gorgeous up do’s. Not any more girls!

I am sharing some cool rock chic hairstyles that will make you feel good about your hair length. These hairstyles are all easy to do and make you look rocking in any kind of attire  Indian, Western or even Indo-Western.

Here it goes!

Quick Rolled Braid Updo

Coiled braid Up-do

This is one sure shot style to impress people with your gorgeous look. Specially suited to people with above the shoulder length hair, this hairstyle is easy to make and good to look. Follow the steps.

Part your hair into two not so equal halves, i.e. one part with dense hair and one with lesser hair. Now take a few strands of hair from the dense part and start weaving the reverse braid taking hair from here and there as you do in a French braid. After you are done, pin this braid temporarily. Now, begin with the other side and similarly make another braid.

After you are done from both sides, just pin the two braids together and roll them up around the nape of your neck to create a low bun. Pin the bun properly and you are done!

Messy Braid Pony

braids buns

Another one for you pretty ladies. For this hairstyle, part your hair into three parts and weave a braid from all sides. Now grab all the three braids weaving into a final pony tail at the bottom and you are done to rock the day!

Half Bun


This is another rock the road look! If you feel tomboyish on a day or want to look chic with some rock star style, go for this one. All you need is to put your hair into a half bun tied up your head with rest of the hair left uncombed and rough as they are.

Quick Twisted Updo

twisted up-do hairstyle

This is a cool hairstyle which can be teamed with any kind of attire as I promised at the beginning. Just part your hair with a center parting and begin weaving a braid on both sides, finally tying it at the back separately and then pinning them together. Easy and quick to make, isn’t it?

Messy Top Knot

top twist messy bun

This is another 2 minute hairstyle; believe me quicker than you can even quick your Maggie noodles! Just put all your hair into your hand and twist them swiftly rolling them upwards. Now pin those here using bobby pins and you are done. Let the messy part show up as a style!

Headband Up-do

princess band

This one is the easiest! All you need is a headband with a clip. Just roll your lower hair into the headband and twist upwards and tie your hair. You are done! Can’t get easier than this, isn’t it?

I hope you like these hairstyles. Do try them as these are equally famous as formal as well as informal hairstyles. All hairstyles are quick to make, easy and definitely trendy. I am sure you would like them! The best part is you can go for these hairstyles on all occasions as well as when you are just dressing up for yourself in your free time!

Have you tried any of these quick up-do hairstyles for short hair?

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