Easy Way To Clean Carpet At Home


Carpet requires regular maintenance and cleaning .The life of the carpet completely depends upon the care that is given to it. Getting the carpet dry-cleaned or shampooing is an expensive process which not everyone can afford.

Below here is an easy and inexpensive remedy which is quite famous in west.

Take 2cups of warm water and half cup liquid detergent. Mix the solution in a spray bottle thoroughly and spray the solution on the carpet in small areas. You can test the solution first before using it in large areas of your carpet.

Now take a brush and scrub solution into fibers. After brushing dip a clean sponge into water and lightly rinse the area in which solution was sprayed. Repeat till the carpet area is soap free. Dry the areas with a clean towel.

P.S-For stubborn areas use toothbrush.

2. Do not over dip the sponge in water that whole carpets get drenched in it.

3. Make sure that the liquid detergent used is free from bleach and alkaline.


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