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Sushma asks,

I just bought few makeup brushes for myself from Sigma and each time I use them I feel they have  gone dirty and I need to wash them.There is dust in the air as well as natural oil on my face , bacteria at home which  makes my makeup brushes dirty.I hope I am not sounding insane but I do feel that .

I wanted to know how you ladies wash your brushes? Is there any easy and effective way of keeping  them dirt and residue free for long time.What you feel about the dirt factor? Do you think need every day washing ?

Would be glad if you help me out !


how to wash makeup brushes


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  1. i wash my eye brushes 2 or 3 times , face brushes once in a week.
    If using liquid foundation , wash it aftr every use..
    If i want o clean instantly, i use my makeup removing wet wipes to do it.. It works well and fast..
    And for regular washes baby shampoo , some times a drop of dettol inside it to make it germ free… :disdain: ,
    And u dont sound insane, i too thnk the same… 🙂

  2. I do it three ways. First method is, I wash my brushes in johnsons head to toe body wash which is a mild cleanser on the brushes and a regular conditioner to condition them. Second method is equal quantities of olive oil and liquid dish wash soap or shampoo and clean them. Third way is if I am in a hurry i rub my brushes over a johnson baby wipe or any wipe in handy to remove makeup from brushes. Dont forget to condition your brushes , Remember most brushes are natural hair and they will shed , turn brittle and will fray if not conditioned well. Remove water well and dry them thorughly. I store my brushes in a box whenever you are not using them. Clean your brushes frequently if you use makeup regularly. There are many youtube videos regarding this. You can try vega professional makeup brushes as an alternative to sigma. I have replaced my beloved sigma blush brush ( its expensive and I dont want to spoil it) with vega contour brush. So far I am loving it. It sheds minimal , although cnt comment on the other brushes from vega profesional range.

  3. i wash my brushes once a week with hand wash or shampoo. I first run the brushes under the water and then pour the shampoo/hand wash liquid on them and wash them till all the color is gone. I then go on to soak them up in a towel and place them on a towel and let it out in the sun to dry. sometimes if i get into the jatka of washing it at night, i leave to dry with the fan on. but mostly this ritual is on a sat after applying any makeup and just before I step out.

  4. I must say I have almost 250 brushes and its not an easy task to clean them. If u want spot cleaning use abrush cleanser available in brands like MAC or Clinique.once a week give them a bath literally. Use a herbal shampoo and clean ur brushes by swirling them on the palm of ur hand. Wash under running tap water (cold), shake of the excess, retain the brush shape and keep them for drying on a towel. Always clean brushes before every application to prevemt breakouts. Btw never use a handwash soap as they can be too harsh and sometimes u can use a conditioner to keep ur brush bristles soft. b

  5. So many nice tips. May I also add that after washing ur brushes place them to dry at the edge of a table such that the handle of the brush is on the table while the bristles are like in the air. This helps the bristles to retain their natural shape and fluffiness and they also dry evenly (instead of just on one side). Hope this helps 🙂

  6. my addition to the above said valuable opinions is that no matter what , use only clean brush on your face each and every time you use them afterall its your face, it may cost you a few minutes but it saves you from blemishes/pimples you may get cos of dirty brushes 🙂

    I follow this every time 🙂 Hope you all may do it also 🙂


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