Easy Ways To Deal With Split Ends


Easy Ways To Deal With Split Ends

Split ends are a result of hair cosmetics, pollution, heating effects, chemical treatments. It is really hard to get rid of them completely but you can always tame your split ends with the help of some easily available natural ingredients. Let’s peek into the natural homemade solutions that will not only relieve you from split ends, but will also confer your hair with a gorgeous luster.


Mix a full cup ripe papaya, 2 table spoon gram flour, half cup of yogurt and 2 tea spoons almond oil. Blend them to get a thick paste. Apply this as a hair mask for about 30-45 minutes and wash it off with tap water.

diy papaya for combinational skin

Mashed Avocado

Mix mashed avocado and egg whites, olive oil and whip it to get a creamy consistency. Apply it to your hair and let sit for 45 minutes t. Rinse thoroughly with water and your regular shampoo.

Honey & Curd

Mix two table spoons full of honey one curd. Massage to your hair ends with this paste and Let this sit on your strands for 30 minutes and rinse your hair with your regular shampoo.

honey milk pack

Beer Rinse

Rinse your hair with beer every time you shampoo your hair. Beer works as a great conditioner. It will not only tackle your split ends problem but also impart sheen to your hair.

beer for hair

Olive & Almond Oil Massage

Massage your hair gently with a mixture of olive oil, coconut and almond oil. Keep it an hour just wash your hair with your regular shampoo. It treats split ends, dullness, and hair fall.



Mix a ripe banana, an egg, one tea spoon honey and few drops of olive oil.  Apply it as a hair mask and keep it on for at least 30 minutes. Wash and rinse after half an hour.



Apply a paste of ground fenugreek seeds and curd. Let it sit for 45 minutes and then wash it after two hours. This home remedy treats your split ends and gives you silky, smooth hair.

Mix an egg white and 2-3 Vitamin E capsules, argan oil. Massage the split strands with it. This is an effective remedy to treat split ends.

Simply apply mayonnaise on your hair twice a week, especially on split end and see the result. It’s an excellent remedy for dry hair too.

Less Heat treatment

Try to avoid excessive usage of heating instruments, curling rods, hair styling gel or sprays as they are the main cause of split ends

Always cover your hair with a scarf while going out, especially if you are stepping out in sun.

Get your hair trimmed after every 2 months.


Deep condition your hair at least twice in a week and do not use hot water to rinse your hair.

De tangle your hair with a wide toothed comb and use hair brushes having nylon bristles.

Have you tried these remedies?

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