Eat before or after workout ?

By Manisha,
Do you know that what you eat before and after workout is as important as the regimen itself.

I always knew that an effective workout depends on many factors but was not aware that our diet is the most important  one.A month ago I changed my gym and my dietitian revealed some interesting facts which I would like to share here on Wise She.
What we eat before a workout prepare our body for the stress and the meal after is responsible for muscle building and body repair.Below are some points which helps a person which helps a person in getting the best from the workout.

What to eat before a work out

Healthy foods to eat – Our body needs a dose of carbohydrates one hour before we hit the gym.An ideal thing would be to have an apple but I prefer having idlis or toast.One can even have cornflakes as they are quick to make and hardly require any effort.
Best would be to have banana for the complex carbohydrate  as these needs little time to get digested are easy on the body and provides you with maximum energy during the workout.Also, do not forget to take a glass of water so that your body is well hydrated.

Never go hungry – Do not hit the gym on an empty hit the gym on an empty stomach.The stress on he body accompanied with the lack of sugar (energy) will lead to hypoglycemia, a condition that will make you prone to fatigue.
Diabetic workout diet –  A person who is a diabetic needs to work out soon after a heavy meal.Normally an healthy person should  maintain a gap of two or three hours between a heavy meal and the workout.The main logic is to allow the sugar level in the body to reach an optimum level.
What to eat after workout – During workout the level of cortisol in the body increases this makes our body prone to infections.This is why the hour just after the workout is called as the “WINDOW PERIOD” as it provides windows to infection to enter our body.One is advised to take full advantage of this opportunity and eat as soon as possible.

Best food to eat after workout

1Our body loses salt due to sweating and that is why it is very important to compensate via a rich source of electrolyte by administering oral re hydration therapy.

 2. Protein – Having protein shakes have become a fad now but do not depend upon proteins for your supply of energy as they are far more difficult to digest and take a toll on your kidneys.To aid digestion one should make sure that they include lots of greens in their meals as they are rich in fiber.

3.Post workout supplements – The body needs a high protein diet for muscle building.However ,relying on supplements is not the answer.The best option for a post workout DIY supplements is to take the watery part of curd (that is very rich in protein) minus the cream and fat, chop a banana and apple into a blender .Apple is rich in fibre too and it is a perfect combination of protein and carbohydrate.

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  1. aah gud questioN! if u ask me.. i never think about protein etc etc :-s
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    i have fud one hour or one and half hour before i hit the gym! and when m back.. i have to learn to take some yoghurt wid fruit or something 🙁 thats wat my di told me :-s but m just soo broken that i cant do anything 🙁

    phew! back to gym from tomorrow

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  3. i had hard time doing my thesis..those days were terrible for me..i am glad you are liking your thesis.:)

    teachers in my school needed lot of buttering and i am bad in that 😀

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