Eat breakfast ,stay slim and healthy

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day .We all are aware about it but still there are so many of us who happily skip breakfast or compensate it with a glass of milk. Recently a survey was done by Kellogg India and it was found that 30% of adults in India prefer to have tea or milk for breakfast and 54% of 13 to 15 years old leave home with a glass of milk.
A person himself becomes responsible for lowering down his/her metabolism by skipping breakfast. Breakfast not only increases metabolism but also boosts immunity and makes one healthy. Many studies have shown that children who eat breakfast do much better in school than children who do not.

A healthy breakfast contains all the nutrients which give strength and energy to the body. A breakfast is supposed to be rich in cereals, moderate in protein and low in fat with small amount of fiber. Skipping breakfast make a person drowsy, lethargic and have a slower reaction time as well. Well, you all must have read what is written above but do you know having breakfast can make one achieve his/her desire health goal as well.

Below are breakfast practices which if you include in your diet can make you achieve your desired goal.

For diabetics and those who want to stabilize their blood sugar level

As no glucose is produced after the dinner till breakfast it harms the diabetic or creates uneasiness in people who are suffering from high blood pressure.

Including following meals will help you in fixing up the problem:-

Diabetic and BP patient should go for complex carbs and fiber rich food, proteins and low fat calcium is also very good for their body. Sources of these can be-Brown bread sandwich, egg, milk, cereal with fruits such as watermelon. Raisins is a good source of potassium but should be taken in moderate quantity.

To feel energetic whole day

By supplying glucose to one brain a person energy level improves. A meal including complex carbs works best for this. Including Oatmeal, museli, egg ,stuffed parantha or roti(if you are a diet conscious),curd , milk, fruits and walnuts are some of the good sources which makes you feel energetic whole day long.

To stop bingeing
If you don’t eat breakfast then your chances of bingeing increases many fold. If you include complex carbs and fibre rich fruits in your diet then chances of bingeing reduces .Including cheese, whole grain, carrot, reddish, milk and milk products ,paranthas of methi lowers down bingeing possibility later during the day.

To increase metabolism
If you eat eggs for breakfast it makes you feel full for a longer duration of time. An ideal breakfast for this will be egg white, fresh fruit and any milk or milk product.

For strong bones
Dairy items are must to have strong bones and calcium absorbing rich foods .You can include wide variety of things such as Rajmas, Idlis, dhoklas, tofu, sandwiches such as of paneer or other vegetables, fruits ,nuts and various other milk products.



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