Eating Power food-Millet(Bajra)


If you eat power food it helps in reducing the white fat.This also helps in increasing metabolism due to its tendency of developing brown fat.Most interesting part is that it helps in breaking down fat as well.

One of the well known power food is Bajra(millet) which is said to improve the texture of connective tissue.Bajra helps in toning up the skin when you loose weight and thus prevent it in sagging.You can make bajra roti which are an easy and a well known way of consuming the cereal.


  1. Hi Tanveer,The thing about brown fat is that it takes a very small amount to burn a lot of energy.Brown fat fights against obesity and helps in reducing weight.Though it was previously believed that brown fat generally vanishes after infancy but new studies have found that adults have brown fat that can burn huge no. of calories.So if we eat Bajra roti brown fat will stay in out body.Bajra roti are quite popular in Rajasthan and are made once daily previously and that is one of the reason rajasthani people were quite lean in their structure.


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