Eco Essentials Organic Turmeric Cake Review



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I am always in search of herbal soaps but affordable ones. I have used almost all soaps which we easily get in malls nearby and also soaps from Vaadi, Khadi etc which are available online. Few days before I was again in search of some new herbal brand and I came across Eco essentials Organic Turmeric Cake. I was pretty impressed by the name , the packaging and what was written on the cover.


Eco Essentials Organic Turmeric Cake


About Eco Essentials Organic Turmeric cake:-

Antibiotic, Reduces Tan, Pimples, Wrinkles, Acne, Facial Hairs, Stretch marks during pregnancy and shed dry cells.
Kasthuri pasapu, green gram blended with virgin coconut oil, is an ideal scrub for Moms and babies.


Eco Essentials Organic Cake


  • Price: Rs 50 /-
  • Net weight : 100 gms.
  • Shelf Life : 2years.
  • Ingredients : Kasthuri pasapu , green gram , virgin coconut oil.

Eco Essentials Organic Turmeric Cake Review



My experience with Eco Essentials Organic Turmeric cake:

I was really excited to use this soap as it had turmeric, oil and it can be used as a scrub. I opened my pack and found the rough looking soap bar inside and the first thing I did was, smell it. It was like “yukk”, it smelled horrible but then I gave a sigh and thought it’s a herbal soap so nothing to do with the smell. I waited for next morning and then went for the bath with my new soap. It lathered well shedding out its yellow color on my skin. It had the scrubbing agents in it which are (I should give much more stress on the word) very HARSH on skin. They are ok for the arms and feet but for other part of the body like back, neck, stomach and all, its very difficult to rub it. But I had my bath with that sand granules studded bar. After wiping myself, I felt that smell still lingering on the body but my skin felt extremely clean bilkul “chakaa-chakk”. After few minutes the smell from my body was gone leaving back the clean skin .



Eco Essentials Organic Cake Review


Its written on the pack that its meant for Moms and babies. But I can never dare to rub the soap on the skin of my son. Even I don’t bathe with this soap daily, I use it twice a week when Iam in need for a whole body scrub.
I havnt used it on my face and nor I want to, so I cannot say whether it helps to control acne and  wrinkles.



Eco Essentials Turmeric Cake


What I Like About Eco Essentials Organic Turmeric cake:-


  • Herbal
  • Affordable
  • Lathers well
  • Gives the benefits of a body scrub
  • Leaves the skin superbly clean.

What I Don’t Like About Eco Essentials Organic Turmeric cake:

  • Availability
  • Bad smell
  • Gives yellow lather
  • Not at all for babies
  • Cannot be used daily as the scrubbing particles are harsh.


Rating: 3.5/5

Will I re – purchase it ?
Well. I think I wont go for it again .I want soaps with good smell.

Have you tried Eco Essential Organic Turmeric Cake?


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  1. I remember this soap reviewed earlier also, atleast navneet u escaped with bad smell, that lady had abrasions and infection due to this.. I’ll settle for home-made scrub than these ..

    Nice review navneet !!!

  2. even if i dare the rough texture.. i cant stand that ‘yuck’ smell u r describing…. skip! 🙂

    i loved the packing though.. cute casing.. :yes:


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