Eco Friendly Decor Ideas For Diwali


By Stuti Khurana

Eco Friendly Decor Ideas For Diwali

Celebrating Diwali the conventional way puts an added burden on the environment. In order to make sure we keep the festivities safe, sound and eco-friendly, we bring you a few decoration ideas for an eco-friendly Diwali.

Organic Rangoli:

Rangoli is an inseparable part of Diwali. It forms the focal point of Diwali decoration. You can make Organic Rangoli by doing away with the harmful color powders. You can prepare your own rangoli powders at home or use flowers to make a rangoli.

diwali rangoli designs (3)

Simply utilize grocery products such as turmeric for yellow colour, cardamom or fennel (saunf) for green color, kumkum for red color and so on. You can also use flower petals of varied colors. You can even make a rangoliout of fresh flowers.

Earthern Lamps:

decorative diyas

A diya is the traditional way of spreading light. Go for earthen lamps for decorating your home. They cut down on consumption of electricity and give your house an ethnic & refreshing look. The beauty of the house also gets enhanced by these lamps.

Diwali Toran:

Torans or buntings are placed at the entrance of a house to welcome the guests and set the festive mood. You can create them with mango or coconut leaves. Use cardboard and handmade paper, or colorful sarees and dupattas to create streamers.

flower decor

You can also paint old newspapers or use brocade saris or old embroidered dupattas as drapes. In addition, you can use banana or mango leaves and other colorful flowers to decorate your place which will give your place an ethnic look without causing any harm.

Painted Diwali Lanterns:

marble lamps

Make Diwali lanterns by using the ordinary glass jars found in your home and spray paint them in different colors. You can then add golden puffy paint on both the top and the bottom for a more interesting look. Put a candle or LED lights in the jar and you have beautiful morocco lighting for your home. Lanterns add a special touch to Diwali.

Floating Candles:

Floating candles never go out of style. They look extremely gorgeous in the living room. You can get creative by using squeezed lemons for floating candles by turning them inside out & filling them up with cotton wick & oil.

decorative candles

You can also add fruits like cranberries, grapes & cherries to your floating candle bowl for a more colorful appeal.

Diwali Gift Bowls:

Instead of spending money on expensive crockery, recycled paper mache bowls can be made out of scraps of newspaper, handmade paper and fabric scraps. They impart a very personal as well as an ethnic feel.

mache bowls for diwali


Vertical strings or garlands can be made by using small mirror pieces & beads of various shapes and can be hung at various places in the house.

Bangle Decoration:

diwali bangles

Simply use bangles at home & stack some on a Diya and stick them using glue. This is a simple & attractive decor which gives a royal feel. You can use different colors of bangles to create several layers. Strings of bells or ghungroo make a pretty decoration idea too. They don’t just look beautiful but sound pleasant too when the breeze brushes against them.

Hope you like these amazing decor ideas for Diwali!

Have you tried any of these eco friendly decor ideas before?

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