Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush Review


Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush

I would not say that I am a brush connoisseur but I do wish to be one in near future (big aspirations). Anyways, I do like to collect face and eye brushes on and off and you may have seen my reviews in past here. This is fairly latest addition in my stash and possible the cutest brush I own and am talking about Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush.

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Price: 60 $ plus Tax or 3800 /- INR but currently available for 2800/- INR at Strawberrynet.com

Brush Made: The small kabuki brush have long metal handle which makes it easy to hold and work around. I have used other kabuki brushes in past but this is by far the best size I tried. The all natural rounded black bristles are tightly packed and have soft feel to them even after washing there is softness to it and I feel that it buffs the product pretty nicely on to my face.

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Useful for:  I use this brush when am travelling for a quick touch up of powder , otherwise also I use it for powder application and it buffs the product nicely and leave behind a clean polished face . The brush is even great for bronzer and powder blushes but I keep this especially for powder application.

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Packaging: The brush comes in small velvet sleeve with plastic cover which is useful to keep its hair intact and safe. I love how small and handy it is to carry in my bag plus the velvet sleeve is an added bonus if am using it from travel purpose.

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What I like about Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush:

  • I adore the small and handy packaging, the plastic cover and velvet sleeve is very helpful in keeping its shape intact.
  • The brush is great for small touch-ups during the day.
  • The brush feels soft and smooth against my skin.
  • There is no shedding whatsoever so far.
  • The brush dries down fast as compared to other brushes which are so densely packed.

What I do’t like about Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush:

  • The price is little too steep.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Recommendations: If you love small handy brush for touch-ups then this is a perfect choice, it is soft, smooth and isn’t scratchy at all plus it does its work wonderfully. The price is a con for me especially when I have seen so many amazing brushes in this rice range.

Have you tried Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush?

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