Effective But Eeky Beauty Treatments Around The World


Effective But Eeky Beauty Treatments Around The World

How far would you go to become more beautiful? Well seems like many people would get anything on their bodies to look young and radiant. ‘Experts’ around the world have exploited this desire well and have come up with wacky treatments that make use of not so attractive sounding ingredients. You might have heard of some of them while others will surprise you. Here are some of the most repulsive sounding beauty treatments that can make you prettier-

Vampire Facial

bizarre beauty treatments

Lets start with a really popular and equally yucky seeming beauty treatment. Kim Kardashian has made it popular. In this facial blood is drawn from your body and is then injected into your face. It gives you an instant face lift.

Geisha Facial

weird beauty treatments

This facial which claims to brighten skin makes use of bird poop :O Too bizarre right? This facial makes use of the droppings of nightingale. This treatment can also help in healing damaged skin. This poopy facial is not cheap though and costs almost 12000 rupees for a single session.

Snail Facial

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In this treatment, you will find slimy snails crawling on your face…ewww! This is quite popular in Thailand. This is basically an anti aging treatment that helps in smoothing wrinkles.

Leech Therapy

eeky but effective beauty treatmnets

Take a bath in turpentine and then get living leeches applied all over your body. They suck your blood, get fat and roll off when they are full. This treatment supposedly removes toxins from body. Demi Moore has got it done. It sounds painful but it is supposed to provide relief from pain 😀 It improves circulation and makes skin look younger.

Fish Pedicure

fish pedicure salon

This might sound weird at first, but the Garra Rufa fish pedicure is becoming quite a rage now-a-days. The Garra Rufa fish, also known as Doctor Fish, have long been used around the world to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis as they suck and eat dead skin cells. Started with pedicures only, but now there are full body treatments as well. Yes, by dipping yourself in a pool of Garra Rufa fishes, it treats your arms, legs and face as well; it’s a full body treatment. The fishes will make you rough feet as smooth as baby’s bottom only by nibbling on dead skin. They cover your skin with their saliva which is known to treat skin and make it soft and smooth.

Placenta Treatment for Face and Hair


Both human and sheep placenta are used for this gross sounding beauty treatment- Choose what you like! Sheep placenta cells are injected in body to make you look younger. So far as human placenta are concerned, there is a company in Singapore that makes a variety of facial treatment products made with it. These products claim to make skin clear.

Some leave in hair treatments that make use of animal placenta are also available in market. You have to massage these products on scalp. They take some time to show results but claim to effectively reduce hair fall .

Snake Massage

wacky beauty treatments around the world

Popular in Israel, this is not exactly a beauty treatment and rather a relaxing one. You need to lie naked and let non-venomous snakes slither all over your body. I don’t understand how will someone feel relaxed while there are serpents crawling on their body.

Did you know of these Effective But Eeky Beauty Treatments Around The World?

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