Effective Hair Removing Methods


All women have their own preference when it comes to hair removal .Some look for permanent methods where as some for temporary one. Many women choose cost and some prefer effectiveness.

There are a variety of options available for hair removal. However most of them are only temporary remedies. You can use one or the other methods that work best for your skin type depending upon the cost, effectiveness and suitability.
One should know about their hair growth before looking for a removing method as learning about hair growth makes you understand your body hair growth pattern too.
1. Shaving is the most temporary method of removing hair because it cuts the hair above the skin surface. Many women avoid this method as they think that shaving will make the hair shaft thicker and darker. This i s because the new shaft hair is more noticeable.It is always advisable to apply loads of moisturizer before performing shaving so that razor can glide easily over the skin. You can use any hair conditioner, body wash or a shaving cream too in place of moisturizer.
2. Pulling out your hair physically is considered to be one of the best hair removal methods. It involves pulling the hair out from the follicles. It is quite inexpensive and slower down the hair growth process as well. This happen because hair is pulled down from the follicles and not from the surface. Long term usage of this method damages the follicles and stops hair production all together.
3. Plucking out hair with tweezers is considered to be an excellent method but it is  quite time consuming.
4. Waxing removes large patches of your hair in a single go. In this process warm wax is spread on the skin in the direction of hair growth. When the wax become cool, it is pulled off by a waxing strip in an opposite direction.
5. Some people prefer bleaching and it is one of the common method of hair removal .It is not exactly a hair removing method but it is kind of a covering. Used for areas which have thin but dark hair like your underarms, neck or face. In this method chemical bleach is applied on to the area where it removes the pigment from the hair.
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  1. Good one Anamika…I always like to wax, but veet does make my skin so smooth…have you used the veet's new peel off things?

  2. No Jomol I havent used it…How it is?I always prefer to wax as it slower down hair growth.When in hurry I do shave as well:)Thanks for your comments Jomol.


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