Effective Products To Deal With Teenage Skin Issues


Effective Products To Deal With Teenage Skin Issues

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Talking about Teenage skin issues, we have all had our fair share of skin problems when puberty hit! Some were lucky enough to have a decent transition into adulthood. They have considerably lesser side effects of the surging hormonal levels in our body. However there are many who don’t like to reminisce the problems they had to face.

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teenage skin issues

Puberty is actually a mix of a lot of stress along with your hormones creating and imbalance in the body. This combination is what causes all the skin issues like severe acne, oily skin, skin pores and everything you didn’t consider to be actual issues! 😉 Read Teenage Skincare Advice Every Mom Should Give

effective solution to teenage skin issues

Not to mention the amount of junk food that goes into the system which just adds to the existing skin problems and because it is only after 20’s you realize how bad junk food is for the skin and health, metabolism & weight management! 🙂

Well, teenage years are certainly one of the most enjoyable and carefree days for anyone but you also need to keep a close watch on your skincare regime because eventually that reflects on your skin. Also you can deal with a lesser stressful attitude if your skincare routine is properly maintained!

I have some of the best and effective products listed below which are really helpful for a teenage girl (even some products boys too can use) to keep their skin healthy & problem free most of the time!

Oil Control Lotion

The hormones stimulate the sebum glands which produces excess sebum thus clogging the skin pores and results in ugly breakouts! The first thing to ensure for teenage skin care is that one should always use an oil-control lotion/ moisturizer so as to regulate the excess oil on the skin! It can also be triggered by sudden stress due to an exam/ test!

lacto calamine

Products to be used:

Salicylic Acid Face Wash

Salicylic Acid products are really the best solution for attacking the pimples/breakouts and it heals them without over-drying as that may leave a spot after the pimple is gone!Read Salicylic Acid Foaming Face Wash Review


BIODERMA Sebium Gel Face Wash

Anti-Blemish Cleanser

An anti-blemish cleanser is a must have product for teenagers to take care of the existing spots and fade them away as these dark spots can make them conscious about the skin later!


Gentle Face Scrub

Face Scrub is yet another essential and effective product in keeping the skin clear and remove the dead skin build-up from time to time once a week depending on different skin types!

organic harvest exfoliating face scrub

Volcanic Clay Masks

Clay masks are oil absorbing ingredients which do not dry out the natural sebum from the skin! There are so many volcanic clay based skin care range in stores these days and you can surely pick one of these to nourish your skin without drying it out! 🙂

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

You can alternatively apply Multani Mitti as a face pack to control oil secretion on the skin! Read 6 Benefits Of Multani Mitti

Well, these were some of the suggestions I had from my own experience and now that I have a niece in her teen years, I always keep suggesting her products to take care of her delicate skin! Along with the above mentioned products you also need to make sure to use a high range SPF lotion so as to save your skin from sun damage! Read Best Sunscreen


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