Effective Skincare During Lazy Winter Mornings


Effective Skincare During Lazy Winter Mornings

How are your winters passing, ladies? Mine are not that great as I am a sun-baby like ‘Jaadu’  :pain: The toughest part in winter is to leave your bed in the morning. Once you come out of it, the struggle with water begins. In this chilling weather, skin care takes a backseat for many of us. Just washing face feels like a task. I get warm water in tap and still need to muster up courage to splash it on my mug! But if you are not careful, winter can make your skin dull and dry. Be a little brave and follow this Effective Skincare During Lazy Winter Mornings-



Cleansing your face daily is very important. Use mild foaming cleansers or even a cleansing milk to rid your skin of impurities. If you do not feel particularly enthusiastic about washing your face the first thing in morning, do so in shower.

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What I do in winter is that I splash water on my face once I am done brushing my teeth. It wakes me up and does not make me too cold. I use a cleanser while in shower. It takes away the pain from the cleansing process in winter.


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Regular scrubs on face and body are required in winter as well. We are talking about lazy mornings so try to squeeze in scrubbing once a week in your routine. A moisturizing scrub will remove dry patches as well.



You need a hydrating face mask for winter. Try to use it once or twice a week. One lazy tip is to use face mask just on the facial areas where the skin is prone to dry patches. Sheet masks are perfect for winter as you do not need to wash them off.


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Do it daily! Spraying a hydrating toner directly directly on face can make you shiver so spray it on a cotton ball and then dab on your face. A good toner moisturizes skin while imparting glow.


skin care body shop moisturiser

A rich moisturizer is a necessity during winter. Apply it liberally all over your face in upwards circular motion. This thing will keep your skin plump. If you apply a serum, still do not forget to follow it up with a moisturizer in winter. Facial oils are great for winter face care.

Eye Care

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Most of us use the same moisturiser around eyes that we use on face during winter especially. If you want you can include a good, moisturizing eye cream in your morning skin care for winter more so if you have dryness around eyes.

Lip Care

rosebud lip balm

This is quick and essential. Scrub your lips daily or as you feel like with a soft toothbrush just after getting done with brushing teeth. Its quick and you won’t feel like doing one more step of skincare.

Use a good lip balm that keeps lips soft for long duration. Do not forget to swipe on lip balm at any time during the day when your lips feel parched.

Body Care

In your effort to get lazy, don’t skip a body moisturiser. We even get in-shower body moisturisers now that take less time of your morning. Whether you use a body butter, lotion or whip use it regularly.

Hand Care

crabtree and evelyn hand cream (3)

Pay special attention to your hands as they come in contact with the atmosphere as much as your hands. Pamper them with a nice hand cream.

What are your Skincare Tips During Lazy Winter Mornings?

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