Egg Masala Maggi recipe with with step by step pictures/video


This is for all Maggi lovers.

Serve-1-2 adults
Cooking time-15-20 minutes.

1. Maggie 1 packets
2. 2 Potatoes thinly sliced
3. 1 Egg
4. 1 piece Onion chopped
5. 2 green chilly
6. Haldi powder (as per taste)
7. Salt (as per taste)
8. Refine oil 1tbsp
9. Add 1tsp of soya sauce


Step1-Heat 1bsp of oil in a pan.

Step2-Add chopped onion , chopped green chillies and sauté it for 2-3 minutes.

Step3-Add thinly sliced potatoes and fry them until they are cooked. It will take around eight minutes to cook them. There is no need to add water into it.Just close the lid and let them get cook on its own.

Step4-Simoultaniously in another pan boil 2 cups of water.

Step5-Add Maggi noodles into it.(Do not add the magi masala which comes with it).

Step6-Now add Salt and haldi(according to taste) in the potatoes.

Step7-After noodles are cooked switch off the gas.

Step8-Beat two eggs and add them into the fried potatoes.

Step9-Make a bhurji and by mixing onion and potatoes nicely with egg .

Step10-Add magi masala and 1tsp soya sauce in egg bhurji.

Step11-Add boiled magi into the fried mixture.

Step12-Mix it nicely.

You can add more vegetables like peas , chopped carrots, cabbage also into it .When you add these vegetables add little more oil into it.



  1. Hey Yuvna…I will jusk check what is the problem with the url thing..I am glad it turned out good.I too loved it:)

  2. Wow… I am a die hard maggie lover and just by looking I can tell that I am gonna loooove it…Thanks Anamika.. :))


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