Egg Mask For Conditioning


Egg Mask for conditioning

Egg is the most basic conditioner one could think of while considering hair care treatment. Weekly use of egg to your hairs helps regain lost luster and strength. One can combine eggs in various forms to make masks that can not only enhance the conditioning but also make you more comfortable without chemical laced conditioners available in the market or salons near you.

Eggs Only


Eggs can be used alone for a mask that will give you protein and help restore the Ph Balance. This can comfortably be repeated every week for that long lasting luster and continued treatment of your damaged hairs.

Eggs and Yoghurt

egg & yogurt for hair care

Eggs can be combined with yoghurt to mix the vitamins for that extra shine that you always envied in others. The natural antioxidants of eggs when mixed with curd make it a sure shot winning combination for healthy and silky hairs.

Eggs and Honey

egg white face mask

An egg when mixed with honey is a mild conditioner that helps you regain the strength of your hairs. If apple cider vinegar is also added to it, you have made for yourself a mask that helps in increasing hair growth and strengthen the roots to prevent breakage. The tips of the hairs caressed through this conditioner are prevented from split ends through this easy to make and convenient to use mask.

Eggs and Avocado

avocado benefits in beauty skin care

For those who want to have lustrous and smooth looking hair, avocado and egg mask is the best. Mixing one avocado with egg yolk could add to rejuvenation of your hairs through antioxidants of the egg and vitamin B &E richness of an avocado. Both work together to make a smooth mask with nutrition and shine for your hairs.

Eggs and Oils

In case you are worried about hair reduction and you have been looking at options outside in the form of hair treatments, spas, tonics etc., think again. You can make a pack from your normal almond oil or coconut oil and mix it with eggs and use it as a weekly hair pack to enhance your hair growth. Those looking for well-conditioned hairs can also add olive oil to the eggs to create a mask for weekly use. Eggs are also teamed with almond oil to enhance strengthening of hairs.

Eggs and Amla


Using eggs with amla juice is also beneficial for hair growth and strengthening of hairs. The hairs are enriched with the Vitamin C or the citrus from the Amla and the anti-oxidants from the eggs lead to soft and lustrous hairs that you always dreamt of. Amla is very rich source of strength to the scalp and has been advocated since historic ages. It also helps in retaining the natural color of hairs till a long time through regular weekly usage.

Eggs and Aloe Vera

aloe vera hair care

Aloe Vera with its natural constituents is very effective when used as a hair mask with eggs to enrich the hairs with that extra bounciness that makes your hairs a talk of the town.

Eggs and Banana

banana lychee face pack

The keratin content of the eggs is also beneficial when combined with bananas. The natural calcium content of the bananas helps in attaining hair growth and reducing the dryness of hairs to a large extent. If used weekly, this mask ensures your hair growth is healthier and shiner than ever before.

Have you tried these Egg masks for hair conditioning?

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