Egg White Mask Benefits


Egg White Mask Benefits

Egg white masks are your all-natural solution to acne, wrinkles, fine lines, dull and dry skin. Some consider it as an instant face-lift. This mask is effective in fighting a number of problems cause of the protein present in it. It improves your skin texture and elasticity. You can get this mask done either at a spa( where it’s gaining immense popularity by the way) or you can have it done at home.

egg white skin care

It is rather simple. Just separate the white from the yellow yolk, beat it till frothy and apply the frothy paste. Leave it on to dry, you will feel a pulling at your face’s skin and then after a while wash it off.

But before you decide to go for this mask you should know and understand how this mask might affect your skin. Whether this mask will effect any problem that you are trying to treat.

Well egg whites contains two main ingredients, collagen an protein. So when you use this mask to treat fine lines and wrinkles the protein helps the skin to improve and maintain elasticity, and keep your skin hydrated which is important while trying to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The collagen present in the egg though helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by filling in but this collagen cannot penetrate in very deep. Hence the effect will only be temporary.

Egg whites when mixed with other ingredients like honey, avocado, apple or essential oils helps you to provide your skin with the benefits of these products.

Honey, Egg white & Tea tree oil mask


Combine egg white of one egg (which has been separated from the yolk an beaten to a froth) with 1tbsp of honey and a few drops of tea tree essential oil(2-3). Rub this mix gently on to the skin in an upward direction. Avoid the area around your eyes. When you feel the egg white mix tightening, it’s time to wash off. Honey soothes the skin and tea tree oil helps to increase the egg white’s astringent property.

Egg White, Apple/Avocado Mask

egg white

This mask exfoliates your skin while tightening it. For this put a medium size apple through a food processor till it become pulp. Combine this pulp with egg whites from two eggs and a few drops of Lavender essential oil( to help soothe your skin). Apply this on your face, wait for it to dry and then wash off using warm warm. And then pat it dry. The egg tightens your skin, tones it, while the apple pulp exfoliates the skin removing  dead skin cells.

Similarly you can also prepare this face mask with avocado. Just do with avocado what you did with the apple an in this case instead of Lavender you can use Chamomile oil.

Since egg whites have tightening property, what t actually does s pull out all the oil from your skin. So for those with acne problems or those who suffer from oily skin, egg white masks are a wonderful way to combat your skin issues. Plus you can use this as many times in the week you want to as it contains to harsh chemical most importantly this is the cheapest instant skin tightening mask. It is easy to prepare and it takes only a few minutes for you to step out with that gorgeous younger looking skin.

Be careful

But even though it is full of benefits, before you use the mask, make sure you are not allergic to the egg protein. So for that before you get on with the entire process, doing a spot test is advisable. Just put some egg white on your elbow and wait for reaction. If nothing happens then you are good to go!!

Do you use egg for your skin care?

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