Eight easy ways to store make up brushes/cosmetic brushes with pictures

Buying make up brushes or anything is easy but maintain them is always a big task.When it comes to brushes then one must be extra careful as cleanliness of make up brushes is very important.I specially take care of my eye make up brushes as they are the one which I use most often.
Below are some of the ways in which one can clean their make up brushes.

1.I have this roll of storage bag which comes with set of make up brushes. They are available at beauty supply stores as well. One can look for a roll- up bags with separate compartment for each brush.

2.Some companies offer free bags with make up purchases. One can use those bags too to store the brushes. Make sure that the area in which you store the bag is completely clean otherwise bacteria can germinate any time.
3.Always keep brushes used for liquid make up away from cream or powder brushes.
4.I like the container steerage’s as well for the brushes which I use regularly. I am looking for a container which has separate sections this way sorting of brushes is easy.Do you know where I can get it?
5.Never keep make up brushes next to your bathroom window. Make up brushes should not be exposed to direct sunlight as well. If any of the brush has left over product on them the heat of the sun can cake it up.
6.One can store extra make up brushes in a see through plastic bags as well.
7.One can cover the portable make up brushes and store them in the empty pocket of the purses .
8.Remember even if we store the make up brushes they do need cleaning at least once in three weeks. One can use a gentle baby shampoo ,hair conditioner or a facial cleanser .Pat them dry and leave them on a dry clean cloth over night.
Remember to keep your lipsticks, eyeliner and eye shadow away from make up brushes otherwise they might stain them .This has happened to me lot many times whenever I am travelling.:(
Do you have any special idea of make up brushes storage?
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  1. You can just wrap them and keep them in your new purse pockets too:P
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  2. nice tips. I'm always searching for nice storage options. Right now, I store the brushes in a pouch, but it's too small. Will look out for something like the first pic. It looks big and neat.
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