Eight Ways To Get Rid Of Marks On Legs And Body -F.B Reader Answers


We constantly get  queries from our readers which most of the time we post on our FB page.We thought it will be a great thing to compile the FB readers answers for the benefit of future Wise She readers.

Hello mam,

Any body if can help me I will  be more than glad…I have marks all over my body especially on legs…which looks so bad..It’s because of itching and mosquito bites and insect bites .My skin is very sensitive..I  am applying coconut oil and have consulted many doctors but no relief….The marks and itching  is still there..

P.S I am gonna be a bride soon…I need help badly..


itchy marks solutions



Here goes the suggestions :-


Shubhra Shandilya – Change your soap and don’t use someone else towel.I also have this problem.Just beware of mosquitoes and use All out all the time.Try to avoid harsh washing powder and always wear cotton dress.

Harmeet Kaur – I have same problem and Betnovate can help but it takes time.Last solution is chemical peel and proper hair reduction time to time because after itching and scar hair becomes super hard .Also waxing  creates itching .

Mina Ahuja -Camphor soaked in coconut oil will give you relief.Try using paste of neem leaves that too can help you out.

TaraTaw Onya Likha – For marks try Mederma cream

Angel Bhargavi – Drink lemon juice without adding anything except water frequently.You will get immediate results.

Emin Devassia – Use Clinmiskin gel or gluta C.It really works, Try it and see the wonder.

Saranya Satheesh – Use Cladril lotion 3 times a day before going to bed.

Ritu Jain Goya – Try some Ayurvedic body packs which have ingredients like turmeric , milk, curd, sandalwood powder etc. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic so it will keep away infectious bacteria which might cause itching. Milk will help to faint the marks . Curd will ensure that your skin does not get dry because dryness also causes itching . Sandalwood powder is helpful to clarify the skin.. Consult a dermatologist to check whether you have any infection on skin. Take Care


Do let us know if you are aware of anything which can help her getting rid of the marks .


Stay beautiful 🙂

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  1. I had the same problem due to mosquito bites… here are a few tips .
    1.STop waxing or shaving for sometime.. especially shaving.
    2.Everyday, while taking bath scrub your body with a mixture of gram flour (besan) and turmeric(haldi) .. this will take only a few minutes more.
    3. use suncreen lotion on your legs, and appy some lotion at night to take care of dryness which may cause itching
    4. stay away from moquitoes!! use a goodnight or allout vaporiser… buy odomos spray an spray on your arms and legs! No odomos is not harmful! Keep a spar or tube or cream handy in your bag.

    All this helped for me!


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