10 Great Elegant Mehndi Tattoo Designs


10 Great Elegant Mehndi Tattoo Designs


Tattoos are an extremely creative and self-expressive way to describe about someone’s personality. Tattoos are basically a type of skin modification or a deep wound made in the skin which is filled with ink.

Generally, a needle is punctured in the skin and ink is injected in that area. The needle is injected in the dermis, which happens to be the next layer of skin after the epidermis and this is what makes the tattoo permanent because epidermis sheds and reproduces itself many times but not the dermis.

Tattoos have gained unmatched popularity in the recent times and people are sporting it more confidently these days. Once only confined to sailors, biker gangs and rebellious persons, now it has achieved wide acceptance in the society.

Earlier people used to get their names tattooed on their hands but now more than an identification mark, it is used as an object of self expression.

Moreover, tattoos are being made by people to beautify themselves or to set them apart from regular people. Tattoos are associated with an unknown attractive capability and tend to draw attention towards the person sporting it.

Tattoo designs hold equal importance in the creative expression of the elf as it clearly depicts the personality and temperament of a person. These designs have also evolved and there are a lot of options available these days like flowers, stars, birds, butterflies, cartoons, animals, symbols, religious signs and various other designs.

Among all the popular designs there is also a recent trend of sporting intricate mehndi or henna designs as tattoos on various parts of the body. Women, in general, are fonder of this type of tattoo as it compliments their beauty.

Here, I bring forth, some of my picks on mehndi tattoo designs which can be sported on body parts as a tattoo.

This is a simple design resembling the tendrils of a flower and is very much seen in the mehndi designs. This tattoo looks beautiful on the feet.


mehndi tattoo feet


A more exquisite design is this tattoo design which is also a common pattern drawn in mehndi. This takes a little more space so it is very appropriate for going for a back tattoo.


flower pattern mehndi tattoo


A much simpler and yet attractive design, inspired by the central flower mehndi designed in the middle of the palm, is this tattoo design.


central flower mehendi design


An elaborate peacock design which is accustomed to mehndi designs popular in India is this one and it definitely draws all eyes as it can be perfectly sported with a tube top or off-shoulder dress.


peacock offshoulder mehendi tattoo


A tattoo on the feet looks really amazing and this is one of the tattoo designs inspired by the mehndi patterns. This one is a simple one and easy to get inked. This gives an overall different look to your feet.


mehendi patterns for feet


Another design inspired by the mehndi pattern in this list is this big and bold tattoo which is a combination of pistachios, flowers & tendrils and can be opted for a back tattoo.


flower tattoo for back


This looks more of a bridal mehndi pattern but actually it is a tattoo inspired by the same. A good pair of stilettos will make those feet class apart.


bridal mehndi pattern tattoo


This is another design of tattoo for the feet which witnesses the inspiration of the mehndi tendrils.


mehndi tendrils feet tattoo


This design is exquisite in its own way and is a great option for the people going for back tattoo. This is again inspired by the mehndi patterns with the use of twisted tendrils and flowers.


flower mehendi back tattoo


This is a very simple design to opt for a collar bone tattoo. This uses beautiful flowers and tendril leaves designed very clearly.


collar bone flower  tattoo


Did you like these mehendi tattoo designs?

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