ELF Hypershine Gloss Blossom Review & Swatches



ELF Hypershine Gloss  Blossom


LF Hypershine Gloss Blossom Review+elf lip gloss


About ELF Hypershine Gloss:-


Wet glass-like shine.

Beautiful, sheer, wearable color.

Directions: Twist bottom to activate color. Apply gloss alone or on top of desired lip color.

Price: $1


LF Hypershine Gloss Blossom Review Details+lip gloss elf


My experience with ELF Hypershine Gloss  Blossom:-


  • Package: It is a long tube with one end twistable and the other end with hairy applicator. The twisting is only in one direction; no back wards twisting like the usual lipstick tube. The more you twist in the forward direction the more gloss oozes out of the applicator brush. There is no way to put the extra gloss back to the tube. So, one has to be careful while twisting.

The applicator is like a paint brush. It gives a paint swiping on the lips effect.


LF Hypershine Gloss Blossom Review Shade and applicator+the best lip gloss


  • Texture: Thick and sticky. :-(. It just fails here to make me happy. It cannot be used alone since it is more or less transparent with some very little pink tint. This just shows up all the pigmentation of the lips.


ELF Hypershine Gloss Blossom Review Heavy Swatch+lip glosses


And it is just not comfortable along with lipstick too. It gives a loud feeling to the lips.


LF Hypershine Gloss Blossom Review Light Swatch+pink lip gloss


Staying power: There is no point in discussing about the staying power when I am not impressed by its texture. Yet, the staying power is lot better than the usually thin gloss. This is because this ELF gloss is thick and sticky.

I don’t like this. :-(. That is all.

The only interesting part is the very different type of twisting tube like packaging. Apart from that there is nothing to feel great about this gloss.


LF Hypershine Gloss Blossom Review Light Swatch+pink lip gloss


Rating: 2.8/5

What I like about ELF Hypershine Gloss  Blossom:-


  • Packing style.
  • Tube shows the color and quantity of the gloss very clearly.

What I don’t like about ELF Hypershine Gloss  Blossom:-


  • Very thick and sticky texture.
  • The pigmentation of the glass is almost clear color without any coverage for dark lips.
  • It cannot be topped on any lip color due to its thick texture.
  • Lips feel heavy.
  • If excess lip gloss comes out of the tube, then it is a waste.

Have you tried ELF Hypershine Gloss  Blossom?



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    • naaaaah………… i hate stickyness and i cannot tolerate until i click a decent pic. u know it is so difficult to capture a good lip swatch… i click so many times and then i end up with one satisfactory pic.


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