ELF Studio Blush Mellow Mauve Review & Swatches


By Neetu

ELF Studio Blush Mellow Mauve


Hi All,

Blushes play a very important role in makeup, they add the color back to the face and also give some dimension. I love experimenting with all sorts of blushes and colors, Mac blushes are definitely my favorites but upon hearing so much about the Elf studio line blushes I thought of giving one a try, the one I have is Mellow Mauve.


elf blush mellow mauve


About ELF Studio Blush Mellow Mauve:

The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow.

Price: 3$ for 4.75 gm.


elf blush mellow mauve ingredients


Packaging: The blush comes in a matte black square shaped plastic pan, it very much looks like Nars blushes. The outer surface is very prone to getting dirty due to the matte surface. There is a clear panel attached on the lid making storing and identifying blushes easy and the lid also has a tiny mirror for touch ups..


elf studio blush mellow mauve


My take on ELF Studio Blush Mellow Mauve:

The shade mellow mauve is a dusty rosy mauve color with some pink tones to it. I got this shade as it is said to be a dupe of Tarte blush exposed. The color is very wearable and will complement most skin tones, but it is not dark enough to show up on darker skin tones easily, layering will be required in that case. There are no shimmers present in it, but it has a lot of sheen to it more like a sating finish and hence is not completely matte. It just gives a slight glow to the cheeks.

Although I like the color the pigmentation and everything else is not very impressive. It is not very pigmented and needs to be buildup, I need to apply two layers for it to show well on my light to medium skin tone, so I really doubt if it will show up on darker skin tones. It does not apply patchy and gets blended very easily due to the soft texture.


elf mellow mauve blus


Coming to the texture, it is very soft , powdery and slightly crumbly with just a dab of the brush into the pan and the all the powder explodes creating a lot of fallout, it is not very tightly packed and the entire pan gets messy and needs to be cleaned every time. Even though the texture is smooth and soft the above mentioned things keep me from using it often. It stays well for 5 hours on my combination skin, after which I need to touch up which is not that bad.

I am not very impressed with this blush, as I have heard a lot about their studio blushes and this one definitely does not live completely up to those expectations, but for the price you can definitely try one of these if you want:-D


elf mellow mauve swatch


What I Like about ELF Studio Blush Mellow Mauve:

  • The color is very wearable
  • Texture is very smooth and soft
  • Decent staying power
  • Has no shimmers and has a satin finish
  • Does not feel chalky and bends easily
  • Packaging is sturdy
  • Price is very affordable

What I donÒ€ℒt like about ELF Studio Blush Mellow Mauve:

  • The texture is very crumbly and powdery and has a lot of fallout
  • Pigmentation is very average
  • Will not show up well on darker skin tones
  • Matte black packaging is prone to getting dirty
  • Not available in India

Overall Verdict:

Their studio blushes are very popular and are decent for the price, if you get a chance to try them they are worth a try once, overall this one faired very average for me and it is a good option to try for beginners due to the wide shade range.

Wise She rating:3/5

Have you tried ELF Studio Blush Mellow Mauve?

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  1. I agree with u Neetu.. Dese individual studio blushes do have beautiful colors but quality wise dey r disappointing.. I have always avoided buying dem πŸ˜‰ (as d colors r defi pretty)

    • haha really, I have read excellent reviews on few of their other shades as well so it might be the exact same thing πŸ™‚


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