Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray Naturel Review


Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray Naturel Review

Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray Naturel Review+Elizabeth Arden Products

I had a deluxe tester bottle of this perfume for the longest time. 5 years to be precise. I never bought a bottle for my self cause one it was expensive and the tester I had was not getting over and because I used to use it very rarely.  I think my entire life I have lived on testers.  It’s only of late that I’ve gone a bough a bottle or two.  This 100 ml EDT again was a gift so along with POISON, CK Shock and D&G Rose THE ONE I am well equipped with perfume until I reach 60!

Created in1989, Red Door is a Elizabeth Arden’s classic, elegant and signature fragrance.  It is a symbol of glamour and luxury, inspired by the famous Red Door Spa center.  The nose behind this fragrance is Carlos Benaim.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray Naturel Review+Foreign Perfumes in India

This melange of rich, rare florals opens with ylang-ylang and red rose, at its heart.  The top notes are Lily of the Valley, Freesia and Wild Violets.  The middle notes are Red Rose, Moroccan Orange Flower, Jasmine and Ylang.  The base notes are Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Honey.  It has a very impressive sillage and longevity. ‘Sillage’ is also used to describe how a perfume leaves behind its scent.  EDT’s don’t really last as long as an EDP, but this fragrance lasts for a very long time irrespective of your body chemistry.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray Naturel Review+Best perfume in India

This clean, classic and feminine fragrance should never be over sprayed. 1-2 sprays will last a you through the day.  Red Door is not meant for a day in the park, but for a night out. Most people argue that this is a scent meant for older women since it is on the strong side.  I get terrible migraines even if I stand near someone who is wearing a strong scent.  I have not experienced it with this.

If it appeals to you then go ahead and get it. Don’t go by reviews that call it old fashioned.  This elegant rich floral bouquet celebrates the glamour and luxury of the iconic Red Door.

Elizabeth Arden Red Door EDT Spray Naturel Review+Perfume Ingredients

Other variations of this wonderful fragrance available abroad are:

  • Red Door Eau de Parfum Spray Naturel

  • Red Door Bath & Shower Gel

  • Red Door Perfumed Body Powder

  • Red Door Cream Deodorant

In India (ShoppersStop) you can find:

  • Red Door EDT 100ml – 4,450

  • Red Door EDT    50ml – 3,400

  • Red Door EDT    30ml – 2,200

  • Red Door Body Lotion 200ml – INR 1,900

  • Red Door Shower Gel 200ml – INR 1,900

  • Red Door Revealed EDP 50ml – 2,600

  • Red Door Revealed EDP 100ml – 3,200

What I like about Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door EDT Spray Naturel:-

  • Very Glamorous. elegant and sophisticated
  • 1-2 sprays lasts the entire day
  • Beautiful red glass bottle
  • If you don’t use perfume then you have other fragranced options

What I don’t like about  Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door EDT Spray Naturel:-

  • Expensive
  • Availiable only in select stores and online

Have you tried Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door EDT Spray Naturel?

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  1. i too have this .. a friend gifted this to me… even i feel that it is a stronger scent & that of the older days charm..

    true to what u said… one starts to like it with a couple of usage & lesser content sprayed…

    i particularly love the green tea from elizabeth arden that this one…


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