Elle 18 color burst pomegranate pie review, swatches and pictures

Elle 18 Lipstick – Elle 18 color bursts, bombs and pops :D:d have created quiet a sensation in the market because of their good colour range, decent price and cute packaging.
Out of the their 25 colours I got Pomegranate pie for myself .The number is 08 which by the way id my favorite lucky  number :D. You can check elle 18 color burst swatches here
There is lot of variety in this range and all shades are trendy and with this super cute packaging it was impossible to resist buying one.I have many shades like these but with Rs 100 who would not like to try them..

Price of color burst Pomegranate pie is Rs 100 for 4.3 ml  and shelf life of the product is 30 months from pkd.

Sadly Elle 18 have not mentioned any product ingredients but it has cooca butter in it and that makes it quiet moisturizing.


Likes of elle 18 lipstick

1. Elle 18 lipstick are not very pigmented but they can be build up easily.
2. Quiet moisturizing and doesn’t make my lips dry .
3. Gives a soothing feeling when I apply it.
4. Affordable and cute packaging
5. It stays on lips for 4-5 hours easily if I wear some light foundation on my lips
6. It goes away in a minute if I eat or drink something after applying it and to avoid this I dab some loose powder n my lips after wearing it.

Dislike :-Considering its price and how the colour looks on me I didn’t find any dislike as such though I wish it could have more staying power.

This is how  Elle 18 color burst looks on me.

Recommendation :-

I prefer buying inexpensive lipstick when I wanted to try a new shade on  myself .This way I use to figure out whether the colour will suit me or not.Elle 18 lipstick is a great way to find out the best lipstick colour for yourself.

Will I Re – Purchase – Yes I will for sure and infact  it can be great return gift in a girly party

Wise She rating – 3.5/5

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  1. Lovely colour Ana…and it looks very pretty on you. Even I have experienced the "short" lifetime of Elle 18 lippies..does this have the Creamy white part in the middle?

  2. Loving the look Anamika. Esp the eye make up. the lippie color is awesome. These shades are always good. Never fails to brighten up the eye. isn't it?


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