Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine Review & Swatches


Elle 18 Color Pops Coral Shine

So, Elle18 lippies have been around here since like forever now, but let me confess that I haven’t bought a single product from them but no harsh feelings for the brand 😛 it was just that I never felt that I get some thing from them. Ok, so another thing is I had NOT YET found my MLBB lip color 🙁 sad but true, I’ve tried all the possible pinks to browns to nudes to peaches, every color stands out on my lips, I needed a muted shade and my search ends here 🙂 read on to know more.
Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine Review +lip color
One fine day, After reading a lot of reviews on so many elle 18 lippie I thought I should at least try one of them. I actually went to the store to check out the shades coral romance and pinken, but coral romance was out of stock at the store and I went through a few more shades that’s when my eyes fell on this gorgeous shade, and after getting this i felt i didn’t need ‘pinken’. this shade is called coral shine and is a beautiful muted peachy coral.
PRICE: 100 INR.You can buy it online.
TEXTURE: Ok so, the texture is smooth, not too creamy, doesn’t glide on the lips as smooth as I would like it to, tugs and pulls my lips 🙁 It’s not opaque, not completely sheer, something between that. I kinda like it that way 🙂 It doesn’t settle nor does it emphasize the fine lines on my lips reason being it’s not very creamy texture. But it badly emphasizes the dryness of the lips if any.
Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine Review Bullet+lip stain
SHADE: This is the part I love love love the most, yes! m in love with the shade, it’s simply gorgeous! It’s peach based coral with a hint of pink, that goes with my natural lip color so well and compliments my skin tone like no other lip color I’ve ever tried. It gives my face a kind of glow I would die for. A catch here, I never noticed it has shimmers until I clicked the pictures of it 😛 silly me, but still let me mention I wouldn’t have got it if I knew it had shimmer particles. But the fact that they were almost invisible to my naked eye is enough that I use it so much now.
STAYING POWER: Here, It’s a shade that is almost like my natural lip color, I could make out the stay power only by keeping a check on the glow I had all the while the color was there 😉 Well, It was approximately two hours and not more than that, and that too if I do not munch on anything in between, other wise it wouldn’t last more than an hour.


Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine Review Hand Swatch+lipstick

Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine Review Lip Swatch+lipsticks


I simply cannot stop raving about the shade, and i cannot stop myself from reaching out for this lippie so often. Now you know what, I need to find a dupe to it as soon as possible and you know why?
As much as i love the color, I hate it’s texture, staying power and it’s after effects on my lips 🙁 It’s hard and doesn’t glide on lips easily, it emphasizes the dryness and flakes on my lips if any, and doesn’t last more than an hour and a half or a little more than that.
Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine Review LOTD+makeup
Let’s get down to the pros and cons.

What I like about Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine :

  • A really affordable brand.
  • Has ample of shades to choose from.
  • Very easily available.
  • Almost all the shades are gorgeous and wearable from the range.
  • A really good option if you are planning to try out a new lip color.
  • This particular shade is the current love of my life 😛
  • Manages a decent wear time.
  • Can flatter any skin tone.
  • It looks really good with not much of an OTT glossy finish.
  • The shimmer particles are minute, very finely milled and not at all chunky.
  • doesn’t settle into lip lines.
  • Gives a beautiful soft, semi matte finish.
  • A perfect MLBB shade for people with neutral skin undertones.
  • I cannot live without this lippie any more.
  • Ok, if you look at the price Vs quality factor, then it’s a thumbs up from me (y)

What I don’t like about Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine :

  • The hard texture.
  • Tugs on lips.
  • Cannot survive a meal.
  • emphasizes dryness and flakes on the lips if any.
  • Not really creamy.
  • Does not moisturize lips as claimed.
  • In fact, Dries out my lips so badly that it almost takes them a week to heal.
RATING: 3.5/5

FINAL VERDICT: As already said, if I’ve to see price Vs quality wise then it’s the best lippie offered at this price.

WILL I RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS: Yes, if you are looking for a budget friendly lip color and if you don’t have any problem with the cons mentioned above, then sure go grab it 😀 It’s a universal lip color.

Have you tried Elle 18 Color Pop Coral Shine ?



  1. That`s probably cause you dont have dry lips. But yeah I agree with you Shale , I find these lippies too waxy – which`s a shame cause I love such sheer glossy shades at this price you know , cant beat that.

      • yes that was the reason I managed to stay away from these for so long -_- but they are coming up with too many irresistible shades 😛 an urgent need to look out for dupes now 😀 am in love with quite a few shades in this range and I some how convinced myself to skip them lol

  2. Hi can anybody tell which color lipstick suits well for me. I’m having fair complexion with oval face cut . I’m confused to choose color?!

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