Elle 18 Glossy Lipz Lip Balm in Cherry Review & Swatches


ELLE 18 Lip Balm

A few days ago, I was cleaning up my travel-kit when out plopped this particular product which I have kept in my purse for nearly 8 months  and never acknowledged. In fact, this lovely little beauty, which I bought for a very low price, still had a lot of fight left in it.


Elle 18 Glossy Lips Lip Balm Review+the balm reviews


Hence, I decided to review it.

I purchased this in early 2012, and I do not see this in online stores, but I went to my local store the other day, and this one could be seen resting in the middle of many other Elle 18 products with a manufacturing date of 7/2012. So I can safely say that these are still around.


Elle 18 Glossy Lips Lip Balm Review Ingredients list+new lip balm


Now, here’s the good part. Guess how much these beauties are for?

No no, guess guess?

Gave up?

50/- for five grams.

I love you, oh little sister of Lakme.

So, I bought two more Elle 18 lipsticks (I am a sucker for them), and came back home. Happy.

I have been using this lip balm for the last 8-9 months, whenever I am out travelling or staying overnight somewhere (which happens about once every 2-3 weeks), and this is one of the best budget lip balm/gloss I have come across.


Elle 18 Glossy Lips Lip Balm Cherry Review+natural lip balm


The packaging is really simple and easy to carry, and yes, not very hygienic, but I love it because it makes an excellent conversation starter with women (you have no idea how many times I have extended this to others in gestures of friendship!).

The smell is faintly of cherries, and the balm, while not sticky, lives up to the claim of being glossy. It lasts about 3 hours on my lips (which, admitted, is good) and it actually keeps my lips hydrated, so I am NOT complaining.


Elle 18 Glossy Lips Lip Balm Cherry Review Hand Swatch+lip balm spf


The other thing I love is the fact that this balm actually gives my lips a faintly plumped out red effect, so my lips automatically looks slightly more glorious. I have used this under and over lipsticks, and I would have to say this is gorgeous with my MAX FACTOR lip stain. The smell does not bother me as it is not very strong, and smells faintly of cherries.

Now that I have stopped singing its praises, I have to say one more thing. I think it is no longer being made by Elle 18. It says also I have to use it within 24 months. Since the package was made in 2011 October, I have to use it before 2013 October.


Elle 18 Glossy Lips Lip Balm Cherry Review Lip Swatch+the balm review


Can I make an appeal to bloody bring it back?

I love this.

What I like about Elle 18 Glossy Lips Lip Balm Cherry:-


  • Great color
  • Hydrating
  • Smells nice
  • Stays for 3 hours
  • Plumps out my lips a bit


What I don’t like about Elle 18 Glossy Lips Lip Balm Cherry:

  • Not hygienic

Verdict: 4.5/5

I am going to repurchase if I can find this one again. I hope I find this one again.


Have you tried Elle 18 Glossy Lipz Lip Balm in Cherry?


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  1. I still have one of these ( same variant) and I love it! Even I so wonder what made Elle 18 discontinue these. These balms are one of the best tinted lipbalms IMO.
    It does really plump up the lips.


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