Elle 18 lip smoothie Review/Elle 18 Colorbombs Lip Smoothie


Elle 18 smoothie is the cutest looking lip gloss which I have infact I have Elle 18 Kajal,Elle 18  Eyeliner,elle 18 color bombs lipstick and elle 18 nail paints too ::D:D: .Only reason why I purchased everything was because of the super awesome looking packaging it has.

It was difficult to locate these products preiously  because brand dint introduce them in malls.They were available in small drug store places which many didn’t know off.

Elle 18 lip smoothie with cocoa butter review


Elle 18 lip smoothie comes in a squeeze tube packaging in various shades and cost 85 INR for 9ml .There were no ingredients listed on the product only thing which I could  figure out was that it has cocoa butter in it.


elle 18 colorbombs lip smoothie review

Cocoa butter does keeps my lips moisturised and lip gloss gives sheer coverage.

Elle 18 color bombs lip smoothie swatches

Swatches of Elle 18 Lip SmoothieVanilla Heat

Vanilla heat  is a sandy brown shimmery colour which is non sticky and stays for  two hours on my lips

Elle 18 colorbombs lip smoothie swatches


What I didn’t like about Elle 18 Lip smoothie


First time when I sniffed the lip gloss I felt little dizzy and the reason was instead of vanilla fragrance it has  kerosense oil fragrance.It is so difficult to keep it on my lips and then the fragrance stays for long.I just cant tolerate its fragrance what so ever.

This is the only product which dissapointed me in this range rest all are something which are worth the price and money.

Wise She Rating – 1.5/5


Have you used Elle 18 Lip smoothies ?

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Product sent by company for consideration but it has not affected my review.Our priority will always be you  🙂


  1. you know ana my niece is using this daily and i wonder she didnt complained about anything like that ….
    yeah me too felt the same as you mentioned but what is with kids??? are they too crazy for makeup ??

  2. nice review….will nvr buy this…..i love elle nail paints especially the blue one……i use it often for my nail art…. 😎


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