Elle 18 Nail Pops 53 Review & Swatches


Elle 18 Nail Pops 53

Hi All,

I always pick up the shade which I feel I don’t have in my collection and never bother about the brand, and the same happened this time when I went for some shopping and saw this pretty blue shade from Elle 18.


Elle 18 Nail Pops 53 Review+nail polish


  • Price- Rs. 50/-
  • Quantity: 5ml
  • Availability: All over the market you can find these


My experience with Elle 18 Nail Pops 53:-


There are few low end brands which are so easily available that sometimes we get bored of even seeing them on the counters. Don’t know about others but I have really got bored with Elle 18 and Coloressence all over the market. But when it comes to nail paints, I have even searched for shades in these common and low end brands. This time I got a beautiful shade which doesn’t have a name but a number. Ohh!!! I hate this, they can give names to their products as that will be easy for all I think.


Elle 18 Nail Pops 53 Review shade number+elle nail polish


  • Packaging: I somehow love the “gol-matol” packaging  these nail pops have as they look pretty cute. The brush is of an okayish quality though it doesn’t give any problem during applying it.


Elle 18 Nail Pops 53 Review brush+cool nail polish


  • Shade: It’s a beautiful blue which will suit everyone I suppose. The shade looks very pretty and I am in love with it.


Elle 18 Nail Pops 53 Review nails+best nail polish


  • Consistency and Staying Power: the formula is neither too watery nor too thick. It has a medium consistency and needs 2-3 coats for the opacity. It doesn’t chips for at least 4-5 days and dries within minutes. I am pretty happy with it. It comes off quickly with a remover and no extra effort needed.


Elle 18 Nail Pops 53 Review nail swatch+nail polish colors


What I like about Elle 18 Nail Pops 53:-


  • Superbly affordable
  • Available in stores and online
  • Rich color
  • Cute packaging
  • Good staying power

What I don’t like about Elle 18 Nail Pops 53:-


  • Nothing as far as this shade is considered


  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Final Thoughts: Its one of the pretties blue in my NP collection.


  1. Navs u r turning out to be nail model! Lovely pics! I feel ashamed looking at my hands! Gel nails runined my hands 😔

  2. it looks lovely on your nails Navneet…i have this and a few more from this brand…..they are so easy on pocket for the college-goers like us..!!!…

  3. Beautiful color , and you are seriously becoming a nail model like shweta said 😉

    I just bought the same color in lakme few days back.


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