Elle18 Color pops Lipstick 06 Cranberry Review & Swatches


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Hi beauties 🙂

I laid my hands on this lipstick from Elle 18 while I was frantically wandering on Urban touch just for the sake of “buy-and-try-something-new” a few months back :D  Nonetheless, I had no idea how this one would be because I had hardly tried much from Elle 18.

Elle 18 Color pops Lipstick 06 Cranberry reviews and swatches

I was much more confused on picking up one color from the shades given, therefore I randomly picked the shade “cranberry” , because I thought if it wouldn’t suit me then it might suit my mom :duh:

If you want to read a review on Avon’s Cranberry lipstick, you can read it here . Anyways moving on to the review ..

  • Price : Rs.100/-You can buy from here
  • Quantity : 4.5ml

Elle 18 Color pops Lipstick 06 Cranberry  reviews and swatches2

  • Shade description:– The shade is more of a hushed pink with lots of orange/bronze hues in it. On lips it looks like light pink with slight orangish constituent. It also seems to have a bit shimmer, and one can layer it to build the color.
  • Ingredients :- List is missing, and only Cocoa butter is mentioned.
  • Packaging :- Its packaging is bullet formed, black in color, kind of like MAC’s lipstick casing. On the bottom you can find the shade no.and shade name.
  • Fragrance :- Its kind of waxy or crayon kind mixed with a li’l sweet smell :-/  I know it’s a weird description :rotfl:

Elle 18 Color pops Lipstick 06 Cranberry  swatches

My take :-

  • After receiving it, I kept it in fridge for 2 days before trying it out. The day I tried it, the lipstick broke from inside (from the base, i.e. neck) and fell direct on my shoes :duh: . I dunno if keeping it in fridge was the reason :-/
  • I got to try it only once, therefore based on that use only I can say it’s a bit rigid lipstick , a li’l sometimes drying. Also it doesn’t stays on for long time.

Worth or not ?

If you want to try out colors just to know whether they suit you or not ( as Ana told in her review about these lippies) , then you can try from this range and splurge into high end brands :D  Try these because they are nice for school/college going gals who are on tight budget, or just want to try a lippy as I did 😉 .

Godbless !! :-*

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  1. I have two of these Elle 18 lippies and never use them. I hate the texture and smell of these lipsticks. :sick: They have this strong smell which really irritates my sensitive nose. Moreover they have zero staying power. Dunno about cocoa butter but they sure have something weird and waxy in that tube. By the way one of mine is broken too :teeth:

  2. I used to but Elle18 when I was in college. Got 2-3 but all broke or melted. :bangbang: So, I just put them in a pill container, melted them in microwave and used to lip brush to apply 😉 :blush: 😉 :blush: 😉

    • hehe…elle 18 was one of my first lippies..infact i still have the first one which has worn down to a stub…but i keep it for sentimental purposes now 🙂

      • arre even i had two of those old wale Elle 18. They had really nice shades n quality was also good. 🙂 These color bomb range somehow never impressed me. I hv only one nail paint from this whole range and i really hate it for the so called brush :silly:

  3. The shade looks good but then the breaking part will discourage me from buying color bombs but i have one pinkish shade from the old range of elle 18 and its still intact


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