Elle18 Glow Compact in Pearl Review + Video



Elle18 Glow Compact in Pearl Review + Video

Hello ladies, so I am back here again.

This time it’s a review about a very economic Compact by an Indian drugstore brand, i.e. Elle 18.

The Elle 18 range is actually good for makeup newbies and college goers, read on to know how this glow compact fared for me:

About Elle 18 Glow Compact:

Say goodbye to those blemishes and spots. Enriched with  Vitamins E and C, this matte compact ensures smooth flawless
skin. Pick your shade from 4 available shades and enjoy healthy, even toned skin every day.

Price: INR 180

Net Wt: 8 gms

Packaging: The compact comes in a black plastic case and has an outer black carton packaging. It also has a mirror inside and comes with a thin powder sponge. I actually found the plastic quality a bit tacky but then for the price the packaging seemed okayish. Students will moreover love the funky packaging.

My experience with Elle 18 Glow Compact:

To start with, I actually have a complain here, earlier for their foundation I gave a benefit of doubt to Elle 18 for not mentioning the ingredients list anywhere, but here again they did not show their ingredients list. However they had enough scope in packaging to provide us with the ingredients list. I would have really appreciated a proper ingredient list this time and feel a little disappointed.

I have been using this compact for over two weeks now and I have observed that this compact makes me feel comfortable with a brush usage rather than with the sponge provided with it.

I felt the sponge to be a bit towards chalkier side and it felt thick and mask alike when I used the compact with the sponge provided with it, but the brush usage was quite satisfactory. With a brush it goes thin and gives only a veil like face for the face.

On coverage terms, it is not extreme. It gives a very light coverage.

I like the way how it does not give a full matte finish, since my skin tends to get very dry during winters and an extreme matte finish would not go well with my skin.

It stays only for a couple of hours and I am worried how it will fare on oilier skin types. I am indeed very doubtful about its performance during summers and I believe that during summers this product will call for very frequent touch ups.

Overall for the price, this compact is a steal. It is a very fulfilling compact for students actually and the mild floral scent that it has is lovable too.

What I Like About Elle 18 Glow Compact:

  • Very economical and pocket friendly.
  • Does not dry out skin or make it oily.
  • A mild floral scent.
  • Funky Packaging.

What I Do Not Like About Elle 18 Glow Compact:

  • No ingredient list.
  • Stays only for 2 hours.
  • Feels chalky if used with sponge.

Rating: 3/5

Will I Recommend: Yes, this is a decent compact for this price and is great for college goers and makeup newbies.

Have you tried Elle 18 Glow Compact?

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  1. the shades are bit limited i feel for the elle 18 glow compact and foundation range because indian skin tones cant be categorized in these four skintones only because there are people who have a darker complexion and people who have a wheatish or a fairer complexion like i do have a fairer complexion .


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