Elle18 Glow Foundation Price, Shade & Review+Video


Elle 18 Glow Foundation Review

Today I’m going to share my thoughts on a very economical foundation from Elle 18. Elle 18 products are cheap and most of them are good for the price. I got the shade Pearl which matches my skin tone perfectly.

About Elle 18 Glow Foundation-

Sport a flawless, radiant face every day all day, with the new Elle18 Glow Foundation. Its SPF 8 protects, its moisturizer nourishes and its smooth texture ensures it easily blends into your skin. Available in 4 shades; you can be sure you’ll find a shade that suits you.

Price: INR 150 for 30 gms


It comes in a slim long tube which is very sturdy. There is no chance of leakage from the tube. It has a screw-top lid. There is no mention of ingredients anywhere on the pack.

Texture and Coverage-

The Elle 18 foundation has the perfect consistency. It is neither sticky nor thick. It blends very easily with brush or fingers. I’ve been using it since two weeks and have never found it to be goopy.

Very less amount of foundation is needed for face and neck. It does not give much coverage. The foundation gives light coverage in first layer. If you need more coverage then you need to layer it twice to get medium coverage.

My Take on Elle 18 Glow Foundation

Firstly, Elle 18 foundations have no testers. You can just look at the shades in the fresh tubes and pick. There are 4 shades available and most skin tones will find their match.

This foundation is more like a tinted moisturiser and has a gel-like consistency. The Elle 18 glow foundation seeps well into the skin. It is suitable for daily wear as it does not feel heavy on skin. This foundation is perfect for oily skin as it dries to a matte finish. Dry skinned girls will need to moisturise their face well before using it.

It has a nice floral scent. The foundation does not stay for long in heat but is good otherwise. Though it is called ‘glow foundation’, it does not make skin glow.

All in all, it is a nice budget product which is apt for daily use if you do not have to face sweaty conditions.

What I like about Elle 18 Glow Foundation?-

  • Good packaging
  • Cheap
  • Nice fragrance
  • Perfect consistency
  • Suitable for oily skin and for dry skin with moisturiser
  • Very lightweight

What I don’t like about Elle 18 Glow Foundation?-

  • Does not give much coverage
  • No ingredient list
  • Not suitable for hot weather
  • No testers available

Check out the video for detailed review!

Have you tried Elle 18 Glow Foundation?


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