Emma Watson & Her Style Transformation Over Years


Emma Watson & Her Style Transformation Over Years

Okay so how do you remember Emma Watson? Remember the grumpily dressed Harry Potter girl? I was just checking the internet and found this girl looking so pretty and so different from her Harry Potter avatar.

Okay she is grown up but over the years, there has been a huge transformation in her style statements. I was taken aback at first by seeing how she looked in 2001 and how she looks now. I am amazed how someone could change from a simple girl to a chic looking actress in mere 15 years! Let us see how she transformed from a young little girl to an adult actress. Who is now seen as a pretty woman of Hollywood.

Emma the young girl

In the year 2001, she first made a public appearance. She was obviously a 10-11 year old girl with sparkling eyes and cheerful smile. With a short shoulder length hair, she made her first appearance and was at a glance a cute bubbly little girl.


Teen Beauty Emma

With time, she evolved to a teenager with dreams in her eyes. She kept her looks totally in sync with the fashion of the moment. With tucked in printed shirt and jeans tucked into boots, side pony and her vibrant smile. She definitely looked like a teenager celebrity.

Emma watson teenager

However she also knew how to dress like a true celebrity when she dressed in a knee length dress and open curled up hair at the tresses with straight hair at the scalp. She had by now gained the skin purity of a young woman.

The Beautiful Young Woman

She continued to evolve to a beautiful girl who now knew how to dress up for the Hollywood events with off-shouldered dresses and nude makeup. Walking down the red carpet also became one of her forte where she donned those beautiful gowns like any other heroine would have. Up do’s and stylized accessories became her must have’s too.

beautiful watson

Major Style Change

In 2010, the world witnessed a huge change in her when she went from a girl with decent length hair to one with a pixie cut! Yes, she also did it and did it in style. With her sensuous appeal now all over her, she transformed almost overnight to a style icon with short hair. With her curves now defined like a girl, her figure throwing considerable oomph factor, she appeared for multiple public appearances with her short hair and did it very much with the attitude of a star.

short haircut


By 2012, she again attained the length of her hair back. With dressed to kill attitude, makeup and style statements, she surely made it to the hearts of billions across the globe. Her smile attained a sex appeal by now and also, her looks have enhanced her beauty to be the point of envy for many.

Emma- watson style

The Cover Girl

Being the cover girl of Chanel in 2013, she made public appearances in her new found avatar of donning midi dresses and red hot lip color making her look hot and pretty!

emma watson Chanel

With now the actress in her grown up, in 2014, she was seen donning those back less tops with a mature hairstyle like a bun. Oh what a transformation, really!


Now what we see in her is a grown up actress looking worth a million bucks and her style growing too good. Her hairstyles, dressing style and makeup all have seemed to be just having grown up with her.

Do you like Emma Watson’s transformation over years?

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