Empties – Jan 2013


I saw this kind of post on a beauty blog and loved the concept. I waited a long time for at least 3 of my stuff to hit the pan…but +2 weeks I had a whole load of stuff going empty and here you go…my first “empties” post  🙂 ! Yahoo! Also, this kind of post is the great-est excuse to buy new stuff…what better way to start off the new year eh??


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Mannings Tea Spa Exfoliating bath scrub –

Hmm…I bought this industrial sized bottle for the heck of trying, in the midst of using this I got bored and started the Original Source mint shower and finally went back to it. It’s very soapy on me and difficult to wash off, even with a loofah. But I loved the quantity for 395 INR, it lasted me & my sis a good 4 months of use; which is almost 7-8 months of use per person 🙂


Mannings tea spa exfoliating bath scrub+skin care brands

Original Source mint & tea tree shower –

I loved…no, luuurrrvvveeedddd this one. It has a minty fragrance, a tingling sensation when used and is green in color!! It is also a bit cooler and doesn’t give you warmth but I loved using it in the summer…!! Being replaced by L’ocittane’s Verbana shower gel I received as a part of my Vellvette Box


Original Source mint & tea tree shower+skin care reviews


VLCC Hair oil

– hmm… ever since I received FE’s Brahmi oil in one of the Blisscovered boxes, I haven’t looked at this one. He sat all smug and knowing I’ll go back to him. FE’s Brahmi oil is not available in the market, so I reconciled with him and he’s been the best-est friend. Just picked up Dove Elixir’s, let’s see what that does. Sorry, I forgot to take his picture before tossing  😥

Tresemme Climate Control shampoo & conditioner –

this was great while it lasted, loved the fragrance but didn’t do a thing for my dandruff-prone scalp. In fact, I think it aggravated it a bit…but I still liked the soft feel it gave me


Tresemme Climate Control shampoo & conditioner+hair products+shampoo conditioner

H2O Sea Marine Shampoo & Conditioner –

I forgot to retain the shampoo tube but loved the set a lot. They were part of a travel set I bought on a flight (Yes! I couldn’t stop myself from shopping there too). They are too expensive to replace and I am married to Kerastase’s anti dandruff shampoo…but I wouldn’t mind alternating this 🙂

Himalaya’s Neem Foaming Face Wash –

I bought this a month ago after trying salicylic foaming face wash from Cipla. While this has a great fragrance, I loved the squeaky clean feeling that Cipla’s face wash gave me. I also think, this left me dry in the cheeks a wee bit more than the other  🙁 Being replaced by FE’s multani mitti…can’t wait to try!!

Jovees cucumber toner –


Well, I have tried a few toners in my time (plain rose water, neem water, Clinique’s Type 3 as part of the DDML, Kaya) and this one was cooling. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals either. Yahoo! I am going back to plain rose water from Gulabari this time! (PS: I also bought a FabIndia neem toner as a backup, will alternate between the two??)


H2O+Jovees+Himalaya+Burts Bee+skin care+lip balm

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser –

I loved this and will replace it, won’t try anything else for now


Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser+body lotions
Burt’s Bees lip balm in Acai Berry – I had never completed a lip balm in my life…this is my first! This was great while it lasted and I just bought Baby lips …so adios Burt’s Bees…for a short while!

While all of us post hauls, I think this is a pretty cool segment to post about 😀


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  1. even i wanna burts bees in acai..its on my feb wishlist … 🙂

    chk out fabindia rose water… i hv never touched any other rose water since then..though its a little pricy for a rose water..still hands down the best & natural 🙂

    peach milk was HG college days moisturizer… since then its been yrs since i went back to pick one 😀

    nice post… even i m try high n low to empty some of my stuff.. its too hard na… buying more things was never this tuf 😀

  2. Shampoo was the only product I could manage to empty so far. But off late, I keep switching even before I empty the current one. 🙁

  3. ooh vaish i too read a few “empties” posts yesterday. I like the concept too. “What’s in my bag” is another hot favorite of mine. Never tire of those 🙂

  4. WOW…Vaish! U so deserve buying new products for the very reason u make optimum utilisation of everythin u buy… Awesome swthrt! :-)) :yes:

    My NEW YEAR RESOLUTION is to finish all my stuff 1st n then buy new stuff! :tap-dance: :fingersxd:

    • Wishing u All the Best Erica on the resolution….If I try to have the same one…wont be able to buy anything for next 2 yrs atleast…got the old ones to finish and a couple of new ones awaiting their turn….But then…Kya kare…Control hi nahi Hota….Temptation to buy new stuff…is simply uncontrollable

      • thanks Ric!! I try my best to complete before I buy something else…but hauls are such a temptation. 2013 I have a resolution to complete all my stuff, especially lippies…I have so many and I use only 2-3 max 🙁

        Suparna – I know control nahin hota…but karna padta hain 🙁 the products are wasted otherwise…I recently threw away a newly opened lipstick from Revlon cuz it had been 3+ years since I bought it 🙁 that was my inspiration for this post

        • hehe…i’m usually hell bent on finishing off stuff before i get a new one….specially when it comes to skincare. I feel very guilty n uncomfortable when i have unused stuff lying around. Glad u did this post Vaish. Would like to see more 🙂

  5. Loved the concept and the post….Most of us love to open new bottles and tubs…..but seeing them empty….gives me sooooo much JOY 🙂

      • thank you Shriya…I picked that up from Westside to store my err…lingerie 🙂 they are a set of 3 (small-medium-big) for 399INR 🙂

        Tresemme is totally in..if it works for you…try Organix too..everyone seems to be raving about them

  6. I love it when I finish something! Probably bcoz that is quite rare. Burts bees is the only lip balm I have finished and bought again.


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