Enchanteaur Lipstick in CL-12 Review & Swatches


By Vaishnavi Krishna

Enchanteaur lipstick in CL-12


Hello ladiessssssss,

Hope you are fine πŸ™‚

Today I’m going to review one of my favourite lipsticks that is “the Enchanteaur lipstick” Enchanteaur????


This must be your reaction I know everyone is surprised to hear this right.


Enchanteaur Lipstick  CL 12


I was also in the same situation, I’d rather say Ò€œshockÒ€. When I was going through ebay.in in search of a lipstick I found this and I was like

“Enchanteaur …… and lipstick…. Ok let’s try this out”.

As to my knowledge I only saw body lotions and talcum powders under the name if Enchanteaur but lipstick that too this amazing, I’m so excited and wanted to share it with you guys

To know more about this keep reading πŸ™‚

Price: It is given as 450 but I got it for 250 ( I think it may be for the promotion of the product)

My experience with Enchanteaur Lipstick in CL-12:

Packaging: This comes in a pink and black lipstick case. If you open the cap you could find a silver tube which consists of the lipstick. The bullet is as same as normal lipsticks.

Color: The color which I chose is a bright fuchsia pink. It is so bright color that really enhances your lips.


Enchanteaur Lipstick  CL12 swatch


Pigmentation: It is decently pigmented. One swipe gives you a nice stain effect and two swipes gives a nice plump to the lips. Two swipes is all I need to cover my slightly pigmented lips.

Texture: It is a sturdy lipstick which is not a moisturizing lipstick ,but it does not enhance the patches on your lips. One does not require moisturizer beneath this beauty(except the people with chapped lips).

Lasting effect: It has an average lasting effect. It lasted for about 5-6 hours at maximum. Actually it lasted for about 4hrs after which it started fading out leaving a nice stain on the lips which us great. It doesn’t fade unevenly. That’s a plus from my side.


Enchanteaur Lipstick CL12 lipswatch


What I like about Enchanteaur lipstick in CL-12:

  • Beautiful color which suits almost everyone
  • The bullet doesn’t break easily
  • Nice and sturdy packaging
  • Won’t enhance dry patches
  • DoesnÒ€ℒt accentuate fine lines
  • Affordable
  • One doesn’t need a moisturizer beneath this

What I don’t like about Enchanteaur Lipstick in CL-12:

  • Not easily available(only available through online)
  • Staying power could have been better
  • Not moisturizing (but doesn’t make the lips dry)

Overall verdict: I personally love this and I’m waiting for Enchanteaur to launch these lipsticks officially.

Rating: 4/5(-1 for the availability)

Would I repurchase Enchanteaur Lipstick in CL-12:

I don’t think these are available for now but I heard that they are launching these beauties very soon. When they launch them I’ll be the first person to buy these and try more shades under this range

Would I recommend Enchanteaur Lipstick in CL-12:

Yes ,for sure. Stay awake ladies,don’t know when they are going to launch. So be ready to take these beauties home πŸ™‚

Have fun and takecare πŸ™‚

Have you tried Enchanteaur Lipstick in CL-12?

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