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Venketeshwar asks,

In a week I will be getting engaged.  I am totally confused about my make up.  I will be wearing a green coloured saree with traditional, heavy jewellery.  Please give me some suggestions on what I should use when it comes to foundation, compact powder, concealer and lipgloss/lipstick colour.  I also need help with my eye make. Eye shadow colours, an apt eyeliner and mascara.  Should I go for a natural look or something heavy?

I have wheatish/combination to oily skin.  I am attaching my photo for your perusal.

Budget makeup is what I am looking at and it should also be easily available in Hyderbad. I have very little time to shop so please help me…

It’s a special day and I want to look great.  Thanx in advance.


Engagement Makeup Suggestions



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  1. from what I see, Lakme foundations are useful and easy to find. Get one in your skintone. Go for a brown-red lipstick, like Lakme Absolute Dessert Dune or Nine to Five Almond Ice, because they are long staying, or check out Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Color Range. Use a lot of gold eyeshadow, and make jet black lined eyes using a good, low-smudge eye pencil, like Revlon Superstay or even Lakme Eyeconic kajal and do use a waterproof mascara. also you can use a bit of green eyeshadow to line your upper eyelids. Lakme Tanjore Rush is a great palette. Do not use blush, because if you are not too conversant with them, then they might make you look bad. Instead, invest in a good compact (Lakme Absolute wet and dry compact is a good option) and use it to matte your skin.

  2. Congratulations first… :dance-left-right:
    accentuate your brows well…
    apply lots of mascara…
    do a side part and sideweep front portion to fake sideswept bangs..
    add nice perfume n hairspray to your list..
    do makeup that’s comfortable but use a good, bright lipstick that wont be washed out in photos…
    when buying foundation how much the SAs push you do not buy a lighter shade.
    do trial at home.

  3. i am thinking u shd definitely use blush cz photos will be taken but with a very light hand if u are not familiar.. :shame: again try at home and just keep in mind that it should look like naturally blushed skin, not makeup n not like a :clown: ….

  4. hey congos :handshake: first of all I would like to say beauty comes from within, for a week that you have maintain a healthy schedule, have a good night sleep and keep yourself happy all the time :-)) when you go out , do your skin a favor and use sunscreen, after that comes the makeup, for that the main and the most important thing is your skin should look flawless and rest of the things will fall in place automatically, choose a good make-up base and a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. i say PERFECTLY, please do not compromise on the shade you are choosing, and preferably choose something without SPF if you don’t wanna end with ghostly pics 😛 M not sure which green you are talking about but i would suggest you to accentuate your eyes and make them center of attraction using a good eyeshadow or two, if its dark green go for a gold and deep green eye-makeup, with loads of mascara, and a sheer red lip color, which doesn’t look too loud, use a light bronzer on your cheeks, mind me it makes a lot of difference in how you look. that’s it you are done, use a finishing powder and you are ready to go :-)) and yes, don’t forget to keep smiling :beauty: that’s the secret to look a million bucks :yes:

  5. hi… congratulations on your engagement! 🙂

    in the pic above, it seems like you have done no makeup at all! if you are not used to wearing a lot of makeup, i’d say go for the bare minimum. You do have some blemishes and the photographs will pick that. So, a concealer is a must. Colorbar has a great creme compact that can be used as concealer, compact and foundation. They have 5-7 shades and if you can find that, it would be a good option. Alternatively, you can use Lakme triple compact as well.

    If you want to go for a separate concealer, Maybelline Dream Touch is good. Colorbar also has a stick concealer that many beauty bloggers swear by. To keep your look natural, try a BB cream. The Maybelline BB cream is good but on my oily skin, it stays matte only for 2-3 hours. A matching BB compact for touch ups can be carried in this case.

    You must definitely play up your eyes. A simple gold eye shadow wash with brown / black liner will look good. You can use colourbar idefine in cocobar for brown or maybelline colossal kajal for black. If that is beyond your comfort zone, wear a coloured liner. A thick liner in green or a contrasting colour from your saree will look very pretty. Faces has excellent colored liners and so does revlon. These are long lasting and unless you rub your eyes, they will last you the whole day!

    You must use Mascara. Maybelline Colossal volume is my favorite and its budget too. Whatever you do with the eyes, please use a highlighter. Colorbar pen highlighter is something i swear by. Just dab and blend some below your brow bone and around the inner tear duct. Your eyes will open up. Unless you have a HG kajal that does not smudge, skip it.

    Are you comfortable with a bright lipcolour? If yes, try deep pink or red that goes best with your saree. Maybelline Hooked on Pink is a lovely majenta pink and Lakme Absolute Classic Rose is a fantastic Warm Red. You seem to have yellow undertones (is it the flash?) so warm colours will look better. you can pick up a matching gloss with Hooken on Pink. They are the same shade and go quite well together. Alternatively, pick a clear gloss and dab it on the lipstick. This will be a lot more versatile too.

    You must wear a blush and highlight your cheeekbones too. Colorbar pen highlighter will do the job here as well. As for blush, I like Maybelline Apricot Flush a lot. Faces mineral blush in Amber Rose is pretty too. Whatever shade you pick, it should not contrast your lip colour. So if you are going for a pink lip, get a pink blush and if you have a red lip, try a coral one. You can even use your lipstick as blush. Just remember to dab a bit of compact on your cheek post application. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi……All the best for your engagement………….You are naturally beautiful. Never do over make up……..
    Even moderate make up makes you a princess I think…….

    Shaping your Eye brows, and using eyeliner (revlon colour stay or maybelline eye gel ) and Mascara (Maybelline waterproof), plus eye shadow is a must……

    blush will give you more charm……. A lip liner and MAUVE colour lipstick suits well for you……Applying lip gloss adds shine to your face………. But never overdo with blush and lipstick………..For a natural beauty like you, heavy makeup is needless……..Just highlight your natural features…….Before all these you must create a beauty from within…………Within one week…….Drinking a glass of carrot juice these 7 days will give a glow to ur skin…….Drink more water, sugar scrub your lips daily and immediately moisturize with olive oil.

  7. congratulations.. thanks for letting us know the good news and helping us with makeup. I am no expert in makeup.. but get a good facial done before the engagement. Get your hair also set. Pofessionals will be able to help you better. So visit a good parlor. Also get a few face packs and start working on a skin care routine. Best of Luck and please share with us your engagement snaps. We would love to see your makeup.

    Ana – this is a good section. Y dont u start a section of this sort.


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