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Enjoy Avène Thermal Spring Water Properties Whenever and Wherever You Want

Sensitive Skin requires comfort and a need not to aggress the skin further. The Avène Thermal Spring Water has therapeutic properties and its qualities of Soothing, Anti Irritant effect and Sensation of Skin Comfort have been scientifically demonstrated.

What better way to groom and refresh yourself than with Avène Thermal Spring Water in Spray?


Avene Spray 150ml
Avene Spray 150ml


You can benefit of the natural properties of the Avène Thermal Spring Water in your daily routine to reduce imitations, but also fix your make-up in the morning and remove it in the evening, or of course refresh yourself during the day as often as necessary.

 The Range is composed by ATSW Spray 150mL to keep at home in your bathroom, and 50mL to carry in your bag for using it wherever and whenever you want in the day.

The products are available in leading chemist store in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chandigarh. The products price is mentioned below –

ATSW Spray (150ml) – Rs. 990/-

ATSW Spray (50ml) – Rs. 490/-

“Sensitive Skin” is a term often used by many a cosmetic company but is a condition which is not well understood and defined. It appears as a frequent skin condition and is known by various names – reactive skin, hyperactive skin, and irritated skin. What defines Sensitive skin is the onset of redness and/or prickling, tightness, burning or tingling sensation in the presence of stimulus usually well tolerated by other skins. Sensitive skin is mainly described on the face but other locations like scalp, back and hands are also possible.

ATSW 50ml (1)
ATSW 50ml

Sensitive skin can be due to several factors which could be Physical – (Ultraviolet radiation, Heat, Cold, Winds, aesthetic surgery), Chemical ( Soap, Water, Cosmetics, harsh cleaning) , Pollution , Psychological (Stress) , Hormonal (Menstrual Cycle) and changing Lifestyle (usage of tobacco, air-conditioning, fast food consumption, lack of exercise…) Also there is strong association of having higher propensity to sensitive skin if the person has been suffering from some type  dermatological disease at any point of life . It is observed that people who have dry and oily skin report more increasingly sensitive skin.

Avène Brand is recommended by health professionals and preferred by consumers, by combining pharmaceutical research with cosmetic appeal. Based on the famous Avène Thermal Spring Water formulation, its products are more particularly recommended for Sensitive Skins.

Avène Thermal Spring Water from the South of France has a unique and perfectly stable composition and is bacteriologically pure, with a low mineral content; this makes it unique among others and explains its beneficial effect on skin. Avène Thermal Spring Water has soothing, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties making it an essential part of any skincare regime. These properties are supported by many scientific studies and the source is officially recognized since 1874 by French Academy of Medicine.

The Avène products are formulated with the Avène Thermal Spring Water as key ingredient, and are covering the main skin requirements as Moisturizing, Anti Ageing, Anti Acne, and Sun protective Products for all types of skins, from dry to oily skins.

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