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In Dry Chilly weather my hair scalp gets really dry and while trying out many of hair care products I came across Enliven conditioner which has incredible fragrance :)Enliven is an U.K based brand which produces modern range high quality health and beauty products.

Enliven hair conditioner reviews+Enliven hair conditioner+hair conditoner product reviews

Enliven is U.K. based brand which produces modern range of high quality health & beauty products…

  • Shelf Life: Approx 2 years.
  • Product Claim: Enliven conditioner has been specially formulated with natural extracts to leave your hair soft, full of luster, and easy to comb 🙂
  • Directions:  Massage into ends of hair and rinse thoroughly.
Enliven hair care2+Enliven hair conditioners+hair conditioners
  • Packaging: I really like the conditioner which comes in a plastic bottle packaging with tempting fruit picture .Bottles are strong and study and looks pretty chick.
  •  Price: INR 160
  • Quantity: 400 ml.

enliven hair shampoo reviews4+enliven conditioners kiwi passion+mangoes conditioners

Variants: There are four varieties as per my knowledge.

1. Kiwi and fig.
2. Raspberry and red apple.
3. Coconut and vanilla.
4. Mango and passion fruits.

Availability: I bought it from online website goodlife.com can’t find them in any local store 🙁

Fragrance: The raspberry and red apple one smells like candy’s so yummy … and Mango and passion fruits truly smells like mangoes 🙂 I am mad behind their smells and bet you too will love them..

 Enliven hair+hair conditioner

The raspberry and red apple one comes with easy screw cap.

Mango and passion fruits comes with flip cap.. I don’t know why there is such variation in caps but I feel screw cap is  more comfortable to use..

enliven shampoo

It comes in thick and smooth texture..

Pros:Enliven Conditioners 

  1. It is silicon free..
  2. Long shelf life.
  3. Smells real nice it is the best part.
  4. Makes hair really soft and shiny.
  5. Inexpensive.
  6. It doesn’t leave any residue behind.

Cons:Enliven Conditioners 

  1. Availability may be a problem.

Rate: 4.6/5

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  1. Ya even I discovered it today only and to think I have been ordering baby stuff from them since a long time..I am doing gud Zara..wat about u??any more blush shopping 🙂

    • not as of now…i still hav t finish using so many blushes…m goin crazy with them…i dont kno where t store them…i keep getting dabbas n dabbas and now hubs calls me Dabbe Wali Bayi!


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