Enliven Ultra Hold Hairspray Review


Hi All,

Do you have the kind of hair that refuses to listen to you? You order, you beg you plead but still nothing? If not, then you’ve made me J and I want your hair. If yes, then welcome to my world of tangles, wayward hair and useless pins which no matter their size still wont manage to keep my hair in one place. Off late my Husband has taken to calling me his ‘Murga’ after seeing my hair after I wake up. They literally puff up and stand high like a plume….And to add insult to injury, Hubs breaks into his rendition of, “Zara, apni Murgi ko rakhna sambhaaaal….” For more reference you can type in this song (sans my name) from the movie Jaadugar (starring big B) and search in Youtube if you haven’t heard of it. And rest assured, I’ll haunt you in your sleep if you laugh!


enliven ultra hold hair spray review

Hence this purchase which was made in the great hope of being able to restrain my hair if only for a while.


About Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray

Enliven Pro-Vitamin range of haircare products have been specially created with Amino Pro-Vitamin B5 that replace lost Amino Acids found naturally in the hair and skin.  We have added the ingredient ‘Creatine’ to our products, a natural amino acid derivative that has been shown to play an important role in cellular energy metabolism.

Quantity & Price: 300ml for 190INR

enliven ultra hold hair spray review+ enliven

My experience with Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray:

  • Packaging – This comes in a can form with a spray nozzle. The lid is sturdy and travel friendly.
  • Color – This is 100% colorless and doesn’t leave any white residue on the scalp.

enliven ultra hold hair spray review+ enliven hair spray

  • Fragrance – This has a slightly perfumey alcohol smell like that of a Nike deo variant. 😉 Not unpleasant and actually makes the hair smell quite nice…


This does help restrain my hair, but for a short time only. I spray it on after doing up my hair and my hair stays this way for about 3-4hrs…after that the strands start springing out slowly by slowly. So this is fine if you have a short function to go to. Although I do feel that if one has wavy, but manageable hair this would be ideal. Those with tight curls will find this useless.



enliven ultra hold hair spray review+ enliven hair spray review


This doesn’t leave my hair feeling plastic-y like some hair sprays do, but on the other hand, it does make my scalp a tiny bit greasy the next day. Hence, I don’t use this regularly but more often only during occasions or events. This didn’t cause any irregular hairfall nor dandruff so it’s pretty safe that way.


enliven ultra hold hair spray review+ enliven+ hair spray

What I like about Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray

  • The fragrance is pleasant and acts like a hair deo too 😉
  • Travel friendly with a sturdy lid.
  • Would be perfect for wavy hair
  • Those with dry to normal scalps would love this.
  • Effect lasts for about 3-4hrs for my kinda hair.
  • Available at discounts online.
  • Very affordable for the quantity we get.
  • Doesn’t leave any residue on my scalp and doesnt cause hairfall or dandruff


What I don’t like about Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray:

  • Useless for those with tight curls or extremely wild and unmanageable hair
  • Makes my scalp slightly oily the next day
  • Oily scalp girls will not like this


Ratings: 4/5

Have you tried the Enliven Ultra Hold Hair Spray?

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  1. I’m having mixed feelings bout this.. I have an oily scalp and fairly manageable frizzy hair.. I think ill try it.. 🙂
    zee, ill google that song and let u know how i liked it 😛

  2. loreal elnett is the best.. or even cheap Nova one is good…
    once in a week apply conditioner from the roots all over hair like they do in salons… dont apply to scalp thats all… works very well to control flyaways…. it wont cause hairfall n all that…
    most hair rules are made for white women…. :heh: everyone’s hair is different…

  3. dis seems nice one zee..will try when my hair will be back to my original state 😐 abhi toh m loving my hair..straightened it 😉 😀

  4. I have never felt any need of hair sprays, as my hair are super straight. :giggle:
    Nice review Zara, all that “murga” n all. :laugh: :laugh: 😛


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