Envy Box May, 2016 Edition


Envy Box May 2016 Edition

Hello everyone, How are you all? I am here to share the May edition of the Envy Box. I know it is really late as June is already here and I request you all to accept my apologies for the delay.

Well the box this month was really good and I really loved the goodies that came in it.
Dig in to now more.

The Box:

the envy box

This time the box was yellow colored and had only four products unlike the five sample trend that the Envy Box usually follows. I do not at all crib about cutting the product count from five to four as all the four products were full sized rather than the samples. The box included of Votre Botanical Toning Mist, Roots and Above Lemon Essential Oil, Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer, and Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash.

As always, the box also included of few discount coupons.

Votre Botanical Toning Mist

Net Wt: 100 ml

Price: INR 800

votre botanical toning mist texture

Toners are always a treat for skin especially during summers. I received a 50 ml size of this. I have been using this for quite some time and I am liking it. The brand describes it as a botanical toning mist maintains the skin natural pH, this mild & non drying toner is a combination of botanical complexes and flower extract that provides the skin its natural toning while leaving skin refreshed.

Special Features: This unique formulation of skin nourishing ingredients like Aloe, Cucumber, Grapeseed extract rejuvenates the skin returning it to its natural brilliance, leaving it incredibly smooth and soft. The infusion of fruits and botanical extracts like Chickweed, Ivy extracts refine your pores, gently purify and provide a protective barrier to boost the skin’s natural moisture.

Roots and Above Lemon Essential Oil

Net Wt: 50ml

Price: INR 375

roots and lemon essenital oil

I love trying new essential oils and I was really glad to receive this. I received it in 10 ml sized variant but the sad part is that it was all leaked in the box and I now have a very mere quantity of this left with me. The brand describes the essential oil as Flushes out body toxins. Purifies skin. Also acts as bug repellent. Inhaling its scent helps breakdown body fats. Great astringent for oily skin. Reduces wrinkles. Reduces hair fall. Best oil to treat dandruff. Can also be used as teeth whitener. Gets rid of bad breath.

Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer

Net Wt: 14 gm

Price: INR 499

Island Kiss Lip Moisturiser

I have a special liking for lip products and I received the Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer in Puerto Berry Blush. The brand claims it to be 100 % natural which adds brownie points. The brand describes the lip moisturizer as From the 2016 Coe of lip moisturizers emerges the ravishing Puerto Berry Blush.

Imagine sitting by the pool and eating lemon-strawberry sorbet. Your lips are tart, a bit stained – if you apply it several times – and fresh as if you’ve brushed your cheeks against a shrub. It is zippy, flirty and will satisfy lovers of colour. Generous, chubby blooms of kokum butter and organic almond essential oil along with a cocktail of strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant come together juicy and tart. Tropical sensuality opens with a burst of raspberry and the exotic, fruity aroma of Alphonso mango butter. Softens, Soothes and Nourishes.Has SPF15 for sun protection”

Gulnare Handmade Skincare Seaflo Face Wash

Net Wt: 120 ml

Price: INR 350

sea flow by gulnare face wash my envy box 2016

This is a very mild face wash and I absolutely love using this. Seaflo Facial Cleanser is a gentle cleanser that hydrates, softens, and invigorates the skin. Cucumber cleanses and refreshes while extracts of wheatgerm, and grape seed oil calm and sooth. Add a touch of aqua scent to that and you’re transported straight to the beach! Ideal for dry, sensitive, or mature skin.
I am really impressed with this month’s Envy Box and look forward to reviewing the products soon.

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