Eraser Priva-HY Feminine Wash Review


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Off late the number of feminine hygiene products in the market have increased like crazy and I say ‘Better late than never’. All said and done, we need to understand the importance of keeping the genital area clean and praise the lord that pharma companies have also understood this as well. I was using the Avon Feminine wash for a long time but then it got over and the Avon consultant near my place went AWOL so I decided to try out something new. After reading Chris’s review on the Clean & Dry Powder, I went to buy it, but it wasn’t available at my local pharmacy and I was shown this instead. It looked good enough with its all natural ingredient list so I came away with it. Did it measure up to my expectations? Let’s find out!

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Eraser Priva-HY Feminine wash review

About Eraser Priva-HY Feminine wash:-

  • Packaging –This wash comes  in a pink tinted semi-clear tube with a flip top. Thank God for that coz I hate using screw top tubes while in the bath..i feel like I end up wrestling the damn thing! This is very convenient and the tube itself is sturdy….not the type to burst.. The wash itself is clear. I like the packaging because it’s easy to assess when it’s time to go restock..unlike the Avon one which was a plastic bottle wherein I couldn’t see the quantity/level of the solution.

Eraser Priva-HY Feminine wash review+ eraser

  • Price:INR91 You can get it for cheaper on Healthkart

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Eraser Priva-HY Feminine wash review+ eraser feminine wash

  • Color & Texture–The solution is more like a gel and is clear/colorless. Again I like this better than the Avon one which was a clear liquid and  tended to spill quite a bit in the process. This gel wash is light, not too runny and lathers up quick. After rinsing off, you won’t feel any plastic-ky sensation on your skin. Rather, it feels really clean!
  • Fragrance– It isn’t odorless like I prefer feminine washes to be. But the fragrance isn’t unpleasant…It’s like a cross between jasmine and tea tree oil. The scent doesn’t last a long time but I like the fact that it deodorizes as well as cleans the area so well.

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Eraser Priva-HY Feminine wash review+ feminine wash

I’ve already mentioned a good bit on how this wash works but I’d like to reiterate the importance of using such products. There can’t be any pros and cons for such products because well, these are all really good and made with the expressed intention of keeping all infections away which this does with aplomb..

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Eraser Priva-HY Feminine wash review+ eraser wash

With the increased rate of pollution and all the sports and other activities we go for, it’s no wonder that UTI has become so common. I remember as a child, I used to get rashes on my groin due to chafing of the thighs during sports…Believe me, even though the rashes are situated on the groin, it still effects the genital area which is one of the most sensitive areas. Plus thanks to our monthly visitor, we are all the more prone to such infections.

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Eraser Priva-HY Feminine wash review+ eraser+ feminine wash

Using such feminine washes ensures that you keep infections and bad odours at bay. There are so many available in the market…Avon and Oriflame both also have feminine washes. Apart from these, we have plenty available at our pharmacies these days as well. Some of us shy away from purchasing such products not because we don’t want to use them, but because we feel shy to go to a pharmacy and ask for it. But worry not! Now all these products are available online as well on Healthkart and at discounts too…So don’t hesitate at all..

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried the  Eraser Priva-HY Feminine wash?

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  1. Zee i was just browsing thro oriflame for feminine washes and you post this .. wat’s this telepathic connection we have :-*
    i’ll chk out if i get this one .. pharma’s near my place dont have any of these products 🙁

  2. Good find Zara. I still want to say that along with the feminine hygine washes….one has to maintain good habits as well. n cleanliness after urination and stuff….keeping ure self dry…..changing ure undergarments on a regular basis.

    The only debate with washes is that people say that it destroys the PH level of the area and the good bacteria that lives there as well…thus preventing the natural cleaning system…and so warm water is the best…

    I dunno really…this side or that ???

    • U kno, at the end of the day wot matters that we r daisies with r level of hygiene… I do agree that if the washes r strong then it does stand a strong chance of destroying the ph levels…but most of the stuff..Atleast the ones we get in India are very mild..I don’t think they will affect negatively…

      In foreign countries to they have mild and strong ones too for tose who have chronic allergies in the groin and genial areas…those r the culprits I feel…

      But yes..basic hygiene is a necessity..keeping the area clean and changing undergarments regularly is a must…

  3. Nice one Zee. I sometimes use liquid baby soap 😀 It woks just as fine 🙂 the packaging column u’ve mentioned this as face wash/scrub!? :-))

  4. Zee..even I have started using such washes now…they are really better then soaps etc…i use’s also good..

  5. Hey Zee.. :yippee: Gr8 Post!! m using this wash from last 2 months.. 🙂 I feel this is better than Clean n dry wash.. And this has PH balance too so no worries .. 🙂

  6. Ahh. I was enquiring about Lactacyd at my pharmacy and they didnt have it…so I picked this from Urbantouch…havent used it because I have UTI right now 🙁 thanks for the review Zee!!!


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