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 Esha Deol and her Wedding Look

What I really love about our darling Esha Deol is the fact that she is one of the few actresses who rock tattoos. I don’t know if you guys remember, but the mostly forgettable film Cash had memorable songs, and in one, “Reham Kare”, she slinked in, wearing this lovely dress, and flaunting the tats on her back.

I was in love.

So I was totally curious about the way she would rock her own wedding. She did not disappoint. Also, I am quite envious of this guy she just married. Apart from being sinfully rich and an extremely successful man, he is also dead-gorgeous. I mean, COME ON!!!!!

Take a look.

Esha Deol wedding makeup and style


Okay, so this picture is from her wedding sangeet which also doubled up as a cocktail party. I was so eyeing the groom. I am sorry, this is a bad habit, but this guy just knows how to rock the sherwaani, maan! However, the best thing that I found was Esha Deol herself, who, surprisingly, I never liked on films (she just can’t act. JUST. CAN’T. Anyway…) but I love her rocking this lovely little number she is wearing with very heavy jewelry. She has gone for the slightly smoked out black-based eyes, with her cheeks delicately orange-d with a light hand at the blush, to compliment the gold-orange number she is wearing which, I know, looks more pink on the picture above, but actually is like the picture below. There has been a lot done to negate the fact that she has got slightly deep-set eyes, which are not unpleasant to look, but most eye makeup sort of gets lost there.

What I loved about all the looks during her wedding was that she focused on looking really feminine and pretty without going overboard. Since she had to wear a truckload of jewelry, she kept the clothes embroidered and pretty, and the colors toned down. I love the way she uses oranges, reds and pinks to suit her complexion, which I am suspecting is NC 42. However, it might not be, but she has gone for a more orange-toned makeup look for her wedding and sangeet.


esha deol sangeet dress and makeup


Since she had a lot of jewelry on, the makeup was lightly done, with a yellow-based foundation and a slightly puffed up hairdo with stray fat curls framing her face to lessen the severity of the do and attract the attention to her smile. I love the manktika she is wearing here. It is sober, goes perfectly well with her beautiful lehenga, and the lipstick is showing on photographs, which is important. On weddings, too many brides make the mistake of doing up their eyes and then using a light hand on lipstick. However, when photographed, they just look WASHED OUT. Weddings are not a time for faded lips. And this woman is really good at looking good.

Check the wedding photo out, you will know what I mean.

hema malini and esha deol wedding

Again, repeat after me girls – truckload of jewelry. But do you see how good dress sense works here? To keep up with the white and red bangles on both her hands, she makes it a point to include both the colors on her blouse, and since she is wearing enough bling to blind anyone, she compensates by keeping her makeup quite minimum. Lovely use of light blush, a bit of smoked out eyed, played down deliberately to add a warm maroon-red lips, her makeup had been kept to a minimum to make sure she plays up the jewelry. And just look at that mangtika and the kamarbandh!

Apparently Hema Malini wanted her daughter to wear a lot of jewelry. Apparently she wanted to make sure her daughter had everything she never did.

She succeeded in making the point.

For the reception, Esha did better. With a bit of orange-pink on her cheek and keeping with the other two looks, she has again got smoky eyes, but here the artist has highlighted her eyes with slight silver and keeping to the darkly lined kohl look she had been sporting, she added mauve lips with the pink lehenga, and that was perfect to tone down her huge diamond set that she sported.


Groom rocked the tux, btw.


esha deol reception dress and makeup pink


But what I personally loved in all the looks was the way she played down her makeup to make way for the jewelry, and made sure she did not end up looking the clown, like a lot of brides do. Also, she played with colors and went for a pink-green contrast in clothes and jewelry, which I personally found to be really nice. Sections of her hair has been delicately clasped away from her head allowing the rest to fall, curled up, to use the full effect of the delicate oval of her face and show off those huge emerald-diamond earrings she is sporting. And also, she is wearing a single flower, which again, adds to the feminine quotient. The mangtika is the tiniest of the three looks, but my personal favorite here, with its ability to keep everything balanced.

I want those huge emerald-and-diamond earrings. And that is where the dresser succeeds – in making her look really great, but when you break it all down, you would realize how simply it was all done to make sure the heavy and soft notes came together. So, thumbs up for her wedding dress sense!


What’s your take on Esha Deol Makeup & Style?


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  1. Love her jewellery in the first pic! I also love that her foundation looks flawless n natural. N like u said, it’s been kept fairly simple….unlike most brides who opt for heavy (sometime gaudy) makeup. Blame the overdose of jewellery on south indian tradition. It;s considered a criminal offence here if ure not bathed in gold from head to toe 😛

    • offence…seriously!…even i was shocked to see some of the women even wearing gold in their hair..its like bathing in gold even when it looks so odd.

          • you should some of the telugu & malayalam weddings!! tamils or kannada (Udupi) brahmins also have a lot of gold..

            no offence to anyone…I am just stating facts…I am a kannada + tamil brahmin anyway!!

            • True Vaish.. in North Indian weddings its more on the outfit (my thoughts.. since im from South).. Here you have to wear at least 100 sovereigns to look “bridey”………
              Esha is wearing only traditional wedding bangles… all the rest of it is typical South Indian stuff… Here people wear bangles up to maximum crammed up to elbow.. if possible.. I hate the gaudy broad bangles…

            • I so’s like if u don’t deck ur daughter wid old, they assume he parents can’t all parents do whateva they can to avoid this…sad but true..

              • ya its so sad… one of my friends wore simple jewelry.. and everybody was so critical… damn irritating..
                dowry system is more terrible in southern parts of Kerala (my view, no offence) but gold show is the same almost everywhere… i can stand everything but those terrible, lightweight, show bangles.. and the funny thing is that all this show jewelry has less resale value and is machine made etc…
                do u know that here you can also hire jewelry for weddings.. lol…u have to return it back..

                  • not gold…but semi precious ones…and the rents go up to 5K a day (24 hours) and the deposits are crazier, close to 35-40K for kundan sets. the simpler ones are like 4-5K…I scrounged for the best deal with my BFF..for her wedding last Feb. We had to lug around all her heavy kanjeevaram sarees to match the jewelry and some shops have strict display timings + the ones we liked at 1st glance are pre-booked 🙁 🙁 God!!!

              • Aww!! when I get married, then please please do make it! Although I have totally minimalistic approach, my parents agree 🙂 You can see some of my relatives (thank God, they don’t know abt this comment) and friends heaping it on…

                People still buy @ 3.5K Ana…gold is a way of life here…if you have a 10K bonus this month buy 3 grams, 10K next quarter? Buy another 3 grams…it starts when a girl child is born and heaped to satisfy the onlookers at weddings, more than the in-laws!!

                • i totally agree .. my mallu colleague recently got married and when saw her marriage pics i was shocked.. layers and layers of thick gold .. that’s one of the reasons most mallus go to gulf .. she told me this .. no offence to anyone..

                  I am a tambrahm and vaish i know the 10k bonus ka story … my mom made me buy 3gm of gold.. sometimes more than convenience, appearances take importance and hence the heavy bridal jewellery..

                  • my mother told me strictly when I get married, I would NOT be given more than 200 gm. gold. Because she added that it would show whether my in-laws wanted me for myself or for the gold.

                • but then there is so much of expense involved then who would want a girl child in country like India where there is so much of discrimination.

                  • nowadays when guy’s parents talk, they mention before hand, thta they have 2 flats, own land, 2 cars and they dont mind horoscope matching .. all they want is the gal for their son … such is the times now ..

    • I agree ya…n I pity them coz they must really Wana wear somethin else…even in my customs the girl has t wear alota gold…I was bathed in it….even in my hair….n I hated it cozi always imagined myself wearing matching jewellery 🙁 🙁

  2. i also liked esha at her wedding… she balanced out things well nicely… looked very feminine and soft also.. :yes:
    ya Ana you should see south indian brides.. youll faint… nowadays trend is a bit better with gals opting for diamonds… christian brides look very pretty n simple.. they wear only the minimum.. hindu n muslim brides.. its like gold competition.. 🙂

  3. Oh ana this gold thing is a reality .. My best frnds weddi g was called off a day prior coz the foolish boys sude kept demanding more n more gold .. The guy was a financial analyst to boot .. But yay for women power … She gt the guy arrested along with his mother

  4. N complained to his ofice so he lost his visa ..he worke in singapore and also gave it in papers.. Someone in bbay will know dis incident .. Headlines said airhostess gets demanding fiance arrested


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