Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara Review


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Product: Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

Essence is a very popular drugstore brand in Germany and some other European countries. This Mascara was gifted to me by a very close friend who lived in Germany. She was well aware of what a makeup junkie I am, so she got me some stuff from Essence, which happens to be her favorite.

Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara review

What the Company claims

No lash can escape this mascara: the innovative and flexible synthetic brush reaches even the shortest lashes in the corner of your eye for perfect lengthening effects from base to tips for a beautiful look.

  • Price: € 3.99


what is the best mascara

This has become my HG mascar and I am worried about what I will do once this tube expires. I use this daily, as it is very easy-to-use, does not feel heavy on the lashes and does an awesome job of opening-up the eyes. The best part about it is the brush.


Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara review Its flexible enough. Yet, it’s so stable and it wont wobble while you use it. The bristles on this are very different from the usual brushes. They are thorn-like with pointed ends. This works like magic for separating and combing the lashes.

Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara, best mascara review


What I liked about Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara

  • That brush is sheer genius. It separates and combs the lashes like a dream. It even curls them to some extent.
  • It’s very affordable even for a drugstore mascara.
  • Opthamologically tested.
  • Does not clump at all, even after multiple coats.
  • Texture is thick enough to deposit in just one coat.
  • It does not claim to be water-proof, but in my experience it does not wash off with water. I need to use a cleanser or facewash.


What I do not like about Essence Maximum Definition Volume Mascara


  • Is not available in India.
  • Not for those who are looking for dramatic and glamorous results. Not for those going for voluminous false-lash look.

Would I recommend this: If you are looking for a clean and natural eye look without burning a hole in your pocket, get this mascara.

Would I purchase it again: Yes, if I am able to!

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