Essential food for glowing and beautiful skin


What you eat shows on your face. Your fitness and glow of your skin show what kind of food you have. Many Bollywood actresses swear by this and never forget to include food and water in their daily diet. There are many fruits which slower down the aging process and brightens your complexion and give you beautiful skin.

Let us check out some beauty food and how they benefit your skin.
1. Apple-Eating apple and having it juice makes one strong and beautify their skin. Apple has flavonoids and polyphenols which act as an anti-oxidant and protect one from cancer. Applying apple and lemon juice on your face and body add glow to the skin and makes it attractive too. Eating an apple every day in morning and evening solves anemia problem of a person and helps in low blood pressure as well.

2. Pomegranate (Anaar)- Pomegranate is a natural sunscreen .Having pomegranate in sun stroke makes skin normal. Mixing few drops of pomegranate juice in your sunscreen and applying it on your face before going out in the sun protects the skin .If you are planning for a whole day outing then have pomegranate juice before leaving your house. Both these remedies avoid sun stroke and protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun.
Pomegranate contains increases hemoglobin and help people who suffer from anemia.
3. Grapes-Eating grapes or having it juice increases beauty and improves eye sight too.Having grapes juice purifies blood and helps those who suffer from constant acne ,aczema and other skin related diseases.
4. Beetroot (Chakundar)-Beetroots slower down the ageing process and gives energy to your muscles. Including beet root in your diet add glow to your skin, hair and nails.

5. Carrot and tomatoes-Women that includes fruits and vegetables in their diet faces wrinkles years later then women who don’t. Including tomatoes and carrots in diet regulates blood circulation and adds glow to your skin. Carrot contains beta carotene and vitamin A which improves eye sight ,make liver healthy and active and keep wrinkles at bay.
6. Orange-Drinking orange juice keeps heat away from you during summer. It contains vitamin C which makes you active and energetic. Eating one orange every day in morning and evening makes dry skin soft and healthy. Eating oranges help in getting rid of anemia and improves memory too.
7. Pear-Pear is a health tonic and a beauty food. Drinking pear juice for few days makes your skin glowing and healthy. Take chopped pears and add tomato juice in it. Apply it on your face and body for a beautiful glow.

8. Banana-Take 1 banana and mash it .Mix a tsp of ghee in it and eat it twice a day in morning and evening. This helps in getting rid of white discharge or (liyokoria) problem of females. Eating banana helps women who are suffering from high blood pressure and heart ailments.
9. Papaya-Eating papaya every day helps in getting rid of blemishes, wrinkles and dry skin. Applying mashed banana on your face add glow to skin and helps in getting rid of wrinkles. Eating papaya helps in getting rid of acne, eczema and other skin related diseases.
10. Tomatoes, Green tea, Garlic, Eggs, Almonds, Sprouts and Cabbage contain anti oxidant which showers down the aging process and keeps you healthy.
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