Essential Oils for Fertility


Essential Oils for Fertility

A baby!! One new member in the family, who cheers up not only couple’s but the whole family’s life. No matter you are 28, 32 or 40, a time will come in your life when you will crave for baby who will make life joyous yet little Jurassic Park for you.

Are you also among those who are planning a family and unable to or it is not happening as quickly as you hoped? Well it’s totally acceptable to understand how hard is to talk on this topic and accepting that even after trying so much, you are unable to conceive.

Even after so many checkups from Doctor, it’s devastating to hear the amount you have to pay for the treatment to get that new born in your life and still not getting the guaranteed solution.

Infertility could occur due to many reasons like Depression, Stress, Pollution, Overage, Menstrual Imbalance, Hormonal causes and many more.

Believe me or not, More than 29 million couples in India suffer from infertility.

But as our mythology says, there is no pain in this world that cannot be cured. All it needs is patience and courage to go through it.

Listed are some Essential Oils which are known for their wonders in Infertility.

rose essential oil benefits

Rose Otto Oil

This divine oil is also known as a fertility promoter. It helps in regulating your menstrual cycle and will also help in Enhancing the Low Libido. For an increased sperm count, the partner has to take warm baths with 4 to 10 drops of rose otto. Hot water should not be used here as it destroys the sperms.

If we talk about how this oil is formed than you will be surprised to know that it is an arborous craft in which 60 rose petals yield a single drop of pure oil and this is the reason it is so expensive.

This easily available Oil has some other benefits as well as it reduces the Depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia. As it is all rosy, this Oil is extremely good for Skin as it is Moisturizing, mild anti-viral and anti-bacterial.
Please note that it is not advisable to continue it while pregnancy.

Lavender Oil

In 2007, a study reported in “New England Journal of Medicine” said that they have found Lavender Oil as an endocrine disruptor, a compound that may interfere with hormone production or activity. This oil balances the menstrual cycle and also helps in calming and relaxing one’s inner soul.

For an emotionally weak or unbalanced person, it works wonders and helps in rejuvenating the body. Use of this Oil would be more effective via therapeutic bath for the procedure of forming baby.

lavender essential oil benefits

Clary Sage

Well this is known as Bedroom Oil, not only it arouses one’s sexism but also plays a major role in boosting Libido, which is undoubtedly very important at the time of failed conception efforts which effects the mood while having fun in bedroom.

If you go specifically than this oil may help with male infertility, treating hormone imbalances and impotence.
4-5 drops in cold or warm water while bathing could do wonders. Please note, it is not advisable to use it daily.

Sweet Fennel

Again this oil is something which is best advisable one for getting your period’s problem sorted. This Oil helps in getting all menstrual System corrected. Regular usage can also effect in improving hormonal functioning of both the partners.

So Ladies don’t be ashamed or scared. Do not believe in every study, doctor and very costly treatments. Just go with the natural forms of these Oils and with all your honest instincts, rejuvenate yours and your partner’s life. With the belief that everything is beautiful or is going to be beautiful soon, get that energy and hope again and very soon your life too would shower the adorable laughter of a baby!!

Did you know of these Essential Oils for Fertility?

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  1. Hello Shreya,
    Thank you for such a informative post.
    I want to know how to use these oils? In the form of massages? or how? Can you tell me this please.
    I will be deeply grateful.
    Warm wishes

  2. Hi Guys, thankyou so much for liking the post.

    Kirti, you can use these oil in all forms. Massaging, taking bath by mixing it in warm water.

    Happy to help. 🙂


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