Essential Oils For Your Hair


Essential Oils For Your Hair

Hello gorgeous people!

Winters always call for dry, unruly hair (at least for me and those whom I know); and trust me, it is not the greatest thing to deal with! No matter how much we splurge on conditioning shampoos, taming conditioners, smoothening hair packs, nourishing hair oils and oh-so-expensive hair spas there is something amiss, always!

Maybe, that’s where we are going wrong! Everyone must have heard about essential oils and how good they are for almost anything and everything? Then why did we never connect the goodness of essential oils to the well being of hair? No problem, let’s travel the unforeseen path today; with my suggestions of the best essential oils for various hair conditions!

Tea-Tree Essential Oil

Beauty gurus and commoners alike have been raving about the goodness of tea tree oil in terms of its acne-fighting properties. Have you ever wondered what is it in this oil which makes it such a killer anti-acne product? Yes it is its anti-bacterial properties. And as commons sense goes, the anti-bacterial goodness can also be made great use of when treating itchy scalps and dandruff. As these are very prominent causes of hair-loss. Tea tree oil generally comes in small packaging as they are not meant to be used on their own. It is rather strong oil which should not be used without diluting in some carrier oil!

Lemon Essential Oil


Ok, so now please do not get confused between lemon essential oil and lemongrass essential oil. As both of them are quite similar, but what I am talking about today is the very frequently used lemon essential oil. Lemon essential oil is equally good when it comes to maintaining oily hair. It helps in controlling the sebum production of your oily scalp!

The most perfect bet for oily hair, it also gives you very subtle, but gorgeous golden-blonde highlights (depending on your natural hair color) and helps fight against dandruff and flaky kin on your scalp! Apart from all this, it also wards off dryness on the scalp (it maintains the scalp’s moisture) and kills lice effectively! Plus, the fragrance yummmm!!

Peppermint Essential Oil


The nature of essential oils is such that they have something for everyone! If lemon essential oil comes to the oily-hair beauties; the hottest of the lot Peppermint oil comes to the favor of dry-hair! The beauty of peppermint oil is such that not just it gives a cooling sensation when used in combination with your favorite shampoo, condition or any other hair oil but it also pumps up the blood circulation in the scalp. And of course, a good circulation undeniably promotes healthy hair growth! Hair growth is a very prominent aspect of peppermint oil, but apart from that, it also helps in nourishing the hair, while making your hair feel cool and refreshed!

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is perhaps the most soothing and relaxing essential oil ever seen in the history of nature. It is always connected to calming down the body, mind, soul as well as your skin and hair! Lavender oil is the best bet for almost any type of hair which just wants a good hair-spa kind of feel! And not just that, lavender oil has the potency to control the moisture content of your hair and even moisturizes the dry, scaly and itchy scalp which may be a cause of disturbance for some! When we call this particular oil to be the best, we just do not do it for the sake of it.

It is actually the best, as apart from all the benefits that i already enumerated above, it also helps in promoting a healthy hair growth as it relaxes the skin of the scalp which automatically leads to hair growth!

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile flowers, open glass bottle and pipette with tincture on white background.

Here comes something to soothe all your scalp and hair inflammations and also neutralize the pH of your otherwise problematic scalp. Chamomile oil very effectively normalizes both dry and oily hair miraculous, isn’t it! Not just that, but chamomile oil also provides this healthy sheen to your hair, and at times also renders the hair with beautiful, soft highlights! A good bet for those suffering from scalp inflammation and conditions like Psoriasis or scaly skin on the scalp chamomile oil is the way to go for you!

Which of these Essential oils do you use for your hair?

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