Estee Lauder Pure Color Portfolio Makeup Palette Review & Swatches



 By Vaishnavi Krishna

Estee Lauder Pure Color Portfolio Makeup Palette

Hey beauties,

Today I’m going to review on essteelauder colorportfolio palette which is gifted by my sister


estee lauder color portfolio


Trust me this is the best palette I’ve ever seen

First let me give you a brief discription about the products which we get in this beautiful box

  • BLUSH(3)
  • BRONZER(1)
  • and some APPLICATORS(4)


Coming to eyeshadows this palette consists of some beautiful and colorful eyeshadows which im literally obsessed with.They are really soft and really pigmented.Just one swipe gives a beautiful look.


estee lauder color portfolio palette


And the colors are named as:

Ivory slipper,french vannila,iridescent violet,pink flash,sugar cube,sugar biscuit,pralines,flirty lilac,riviera rose,winking periewinkle,wild sable,cobblestones,amethyst spark,nude fresco,tempting mocha,hot cinnamon,enchanted forest,purple passion,tranquil moon,amazing grey,chocolate bliss,morracan mint,peacock blue,candy crave,clouds,lavish mink,ivy envy,nocturnal blue,raisins,moons.

Here is a swatch of eyeshadows


EL color portfolio eyeshadow swatch

EL color portfolio eye shadow  swatch

EL color portfolio shadow swatch



Oh my god I’m obsessed with these blushes.


estee lauder color portfolio blush


I would never leave my house without a blush .Ladies trust me with these very peachy,pinky and coraly blush your face just gets a natural blushy effect.It gives very natural look and these ones are perfect for a party or a daily office makeup or a college makeup.They are very light are don’t give an artificial effect,it gives a natural look

There are 3 colors . They are:

sensuous rose,peach passion and pink kiss


Here comes bronzer.This one is a drawback in this palette as this is a shade which didn’t suite my skin color.This one only suits for a pale white skinned beauties.Most of the Indian females have beige skintone but this one only suits for pale white skin.So I’m tring my level best to get a fairer skin so that I can use this 😛

It is named as medium 2

here is a swatch of blushes and the bronzer


EL color portfolio blush swatch



I know we all love lipsticks and here comes the most beautiful shades of lipsticks that suits for almost any skin colour.I just love these lipsticks.When I first saw these lipstick palette I was like “oh my god they are so pretty 😀 “ .Out of the 15 lipsticks 11 are long lasting .I don’t understand why they named it as long lasting L as I did not find it long lasting.They just lasted me for about 4 hours that too with out any consumption of snacks .But if you use a lipgloss over it ,it lasts for about 6-7 hours.As I work for 9 hours a day this wont work for me . So I started using it for shopping , etc ., as it takes less time than my office schedule.


estee lauder color portfolio lipsticks


And coming to the pigmentation it gives a medium coverage. But people searching for highly pigmented lipsticks may not like these much.

Coming to the best part of these lipsticks they are moisturizing. One doesn’t need a moisturizer beneath these lipsticks .Isn’t that an advantage:-D

The colors are named as:

Melon,vanilla truffle,rose tea,innocence,tiramisu,wild ginger,tiger eye,mystic mauve,candy,rose envy,scarlet siren,hot copper,velvet plum,fuchsia fever,plum fizz

Here is the swatch of these lipsticks


EL color portfolio lipstick swatch




I know,I know that you people are waiting for this part

Every woman would never reject a lipgloss which gives a shine and sparkle to her lips ( and im one who just love and love lipglosses)It is like I cant live without lipglosses and lipsticks :-O


estee lauder color portfolio gloss


Ok coming to the review there are 2 lip glosses present in this box and they are named as:

paraline paradise and fuchsia fantasy

paraline paradise is a shimmery light rosy pink color which is a beautiful color.It just gives the shimmery effect with a slight hint of pink color. I love using this with bold and matte lipsticks with which it gives a shimmery effect .

fuchsia fantasy on the other hand is a bright reddish pink color .It also just gives the shimmery effect with a slight hint of bright pink color.It is best to use it on the bold reddish colors.

Here comes the swatches:


EL color portfolio gloss swatch


Last but not the least


Eyeliner is a must for every female as it instantly brightens up eyes and gives bold and confident look.


estee lauder color portfolio eyepencil


There are 2 shades of eyeliners .It is a duo pencil eyeliner which have black and brown clors on its both ends.This comes in the smuge free and long lasting range .It really is a smudgefree and long lasting eyeliner.It staed for about 9 hours with out smudging ,but on the water line it stays for about 6 hours.It really is a very good product.

Here is a swatch:


EL color portfolio eyepencil swatch


Here are applicators/brushes:


estee lauder color portfolio brushes


What I like about Estee Lauder Pure Color Portfolio Makeup Palette :

  • Beautiful range of eyeshadows,with good colors and texture which helps brighten up your eyes
  • Very natural colors of blushes which suits any skin color and gives a natural look
  • smudge free and long lasting eyeliner
  • lipsticks are very moisturizing
  • lipglosses are very shimmery and gives a very beautiful shimmery effect
  • and the applicator brushes are so soft(forgot to mention that part)

What I don’t like about Estee Lauder Pure Color Portfolio Makeup Palette :

  • bronzer is a big disaster.It doesn’t suit Indian skintones.
  • lipsticks doesn’t last longer as claimed
  • Lipglosses may be a bit pigmented

Overall verdict: It is a good product worth a trial

Rating: 4.00(-1 for the bronzer)

Have you tried Estee Lauder Pure Color Portfolio Makeup Palette ?

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  1. Your review is the best I found 🙂 I was thinking.. to buy the palette ot not to buy ot? Well you made me buy it and it is the best Estee Lauder product I had! And I have every one of them now :* Thank you


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